10 Tips For Better Home Security
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10 Tips For Better Home Security

10 Tips For Better Home Security

March 16, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin

Make your home less of a target for burglars.
Consider any of the following tips for better home security.

Blend in. Look at the surrounding homes. Do you stand out from the rest? If your home has the fanciest or most manicured lawn in the neighborhood, it tells a burglar that you might have more resources and potentially more valuables in your home than the others on your street. You’re a target. Not saying to be trashy – just pointing out the obvious.

Avoid tall or large shrubs around your windows and doors. Don’t make it easy for a burglar or intruder to conceal themselves while breaking in. Home privacy fencing also provides shielding between the burglar and the street, giving them more freedom of movement without being seen by others. If you have fencing like this, then you especially need outdoor motion lights within the perimeter.

Good exterior security lighting. Surround your home with the best outdoor motion lighting you can afford. Motion lights are better than ‘always on’ lighting due to the sudden alert of lights-on.

Burglars often case a neighborhood before they rob it. They will observe your home schedule, your coming and going routines, and also your neighbors schedule. Be aware of this, and look for strangers in the neighborhood who may be gathering data. Situational Awareness.

Look through the ‘burglar’s eyes’. See what they would see. They will see whatever you have outside in plain sight – visual clues as to the potential valuables inside. Anything that looks expensive outside will indicate that you probably have expensive stuff inside. A new car in the driveway, a swimming pool in the backyard, expensive outdoor furniture, you get the idea…

Avoid doors which have glass near or within reach of the doorknob. This is a home security “no-no” which creates an easy “smash and twist” to get in your home. This is one of the first things a burglar will notice when casing the neighborhood. They are looking for easy access.

Unlocked or open windows, even when you are away for a short time are easy access for a burglar. Even in the backyard, a burglar will look for an easy way in – which could simply be through an unlocked or partially open window. Get in the habit to lock ALL doors, even the garage – when you’re home or away. It’s not like it was many decades ago when this wasn’t so much a potential issue…

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