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12 Ways to Boost Your Energy

12 Ways to Boost Your Energy

by Gaye Levy

4 November 2013

This website is all about survival.  That said, survival can mean different things to different people or even to the same people within the context of different circumstances. Still, in it’s most basic definition, survival is defined as: the act or fact of living.

At Backdoor Survival, we take things beyond basic living. We plan for unexpected emergencies, we prep for disasters, and we mentally challenge ourselves to deal with uncertain times. But not everything we do has to do with crisis management. Sometimes we simply gather up the tools of daily life and come up with the very best way to get by and to cope with the challenges of daily life.

Survival Basics: 12 Ways to Boost Your Energy Quotient   Backdoor Survival

One of those challenges, especially during these uncertain times, is having sufficient energy to get through the day with time left over for a bit of relaxation or, as I like to call it, nourishment for the soul.

Today I propose a dozen great energy boosters that can help you avoid fatigue and give you that extra boost and oomph to experience life in a healthy, wide-awake, alert and joyful manner.

12 Ways to Boost Your Energy Quotient

1.  Get a good night’s rest.  This is easier said than done.  One of the best ways I know of to get enough sleep is to make sleep a priority.  Sleep is not an inconvenient and not a bothersome task to mark off of your daily checklist.  Look forward to going to bed at night by treating sleep as a rest and rejuvenation period.  Need convincing?  Read Sleep: The Survival Skill No One Talks About.

2.  Drink water.  Dehydration is a big contributor to fatigue which often causes people to not be able to concentrate as well as other physical ills.  Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated even if your body does not appear to be demanding the extra fluid.

3.  Eat at least one high fiber mean a day.  A fiber filled meal can really lift your energy and help your energy level to stay constant throughout the day. Fiber can also slow down the absorption of food which keeps blood sugar levels steady in the body. You will not only feel better, but the likelihood of mood swings is greatly diminished.

4.  Have a bit of caffeine.  If done properly, you can use caffeine to increase your energy levels without having a sudden drop mid-day.  The way to do it is to have a moderate amount of caffeine – say 6 ounces and not more than 8 ounces – every few hours.  This will prevent a huge energy spike followed by a later crash.  Controversial?  Maybe.  But I have tried this and it really does work,

5.  Drink some tea.  Not only does it contain caffeine but it also has L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps decrease fatigue and also improve alertness.  Black Tea is also great because it is an antioxidant which can help combat stress.

6.  Fruits and nuts are your friends.  A great source of magnesium comes from fruits and nuts. People with low magnesium levels have been shown to use up their energy faster leaving them tired quicker.  Aim for 320mg of magnesium in order to boost your energy levels.

7.  Have a peanut butter and banana sandwich.  The banana contributes potassium and the peanut butter contributes magnesium to your daily palette nutrients. Together they help metabolize sugar which can also lead to a more consistent mood throughout the day.

8.  Surround yourself with plants.  A study was conducted showing that the use of plants in a windowless office can increase productivity up to 12%.  Supposedly, the plants increased the workers creative thoughts and reduced their levels of stress. Is this really true?  Who knows.  All I can say is that Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of directing energy, uses houseplants extensively.  In general, all kinds of plants emit a positive energy and, because they cleanse air, they contribute to the positive flow of chi throughout a house.  It is worth a shot.

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