17 Die in 'Swine Flu' Outbreak in Venezuela
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17 Die in ‘Swine Flu’ Outbreak in Venezuela

17 Die in ‘Swine Flu’ Outbreak in Venezuela

28 May 2013


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CARACAS, Venezuela — An outbreak of H1N1 flu has killed at least 17 people in Venezuela and infected another 250, private media and local authorities said on Monday.

H1N1, often referred to as swine flu, was a flu strain that swept around in the world in a 2009/2010 pandemic.

“We’re suffering a tail-end of the pandemic,” a former Venezuelan health minister, Rafael Orihuela, told a local TV station, commenting on the widespread reports of 17 deaths in the South American nation of 29 million people.

Most of the cases were in border states near Colombia.

Venezuela’s government has not confirmed the figures given by media and local health authorities. But officials said high-risk groups had largely been immunized, with 3 million vaccinations carried out so far this year.

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