21 Things For Pandemic Survival
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21 Things For Pandemic Survival

21 Things For Pandemic Survival

December 20, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin

A pandemic may incapacitate a significant portion of the population, crippling the infrastructure due to lack of manpower and possibly leaving you without utilities for the duration.biohazard

If a deadly virus were able to infect people and spread easily from person to person, an influenza pandemic (worldwide outbreak of disease) could begin. No one can predict when a pandemic might occur.

Are you ready to self-impose a quarantine for 30, 60, 90, 120 days?
Surviving a pandemic is simply a matter of isolating yourself from the source — OTHER INFECTED PEOPLE.

Since you won’t know who all is infected, you will need to stay away from everyone outside of your established (hopefully healthy) group within your home sphere. Therefore in order to be fully prepared, you must have the ability to hunker down in your home without the need to go out where other (potentially infected) people are present… working, or getting food and supplies, etc.

During the onset of a pandemic, most people will not fully realize the ramifications and will continue to go about their daily habitual routines… going to work, going to the grocery store, etc. exposing themselves to the potential mortal consequences of exposure.

Almost every transmissible disease has an incubation period during which the person is infected but not yet showing signs of disease. Quite often, a person can be contagious for one to several days before exhibiting symptoms.

During the unfortunate circumstance when someone within your group becomes infected, the person will have to be quarantined to avoid infecting everyone else. If you take in any new members to the group, they should also be quarantined to assure that they are not infected (many viral infections will manifest themselves within a period of 3-5 days, and most within 10-14).

Ideally the quarantine area will be a separate building from your own living quarters, such as an outbuilding, garage, empty house, or barn. If you choose to offer a room within your home, choose one vented to the outside, without ducting connecting to the rest of the house. Make sure the room has a negative pressure by leaving a window cracked, so the air flows into the room from the remainder of the house and exits through the window.

The following starter-list of prep items for pandemic should be considered in order to better cope with survival.

The list and ideas are in part excerpted from the LDS Preparedness Manual which offers a well rounded set of advice on survival preparedness in general.

Pandemic Survival List

  • 5 gallons of liquid bleach per person of the household to sanitize everything
  • 4 boxes of latex gloves (different sizes for every member of the household)
  • 40 N95 masks for every member of the household
  • Antibacterial soap for meticulous hand washing
  • 100′ roll of clear 4 mil plastic – for setting up an isolation room
  • Duct tape – for setting up an isolation room
  • HEPA filters – enough for whole house air filtration
  • Several boxes of Borax – for provisional toilets
  • 25 lbs. of lime per person – for provisional toilets
  • 50 heavy duty black garbage bags per person – for provisional toilets and garbage
  • 100 “kitchen” bags per person – for provisional toilets and garbage
  • 25 lbs. of kitty litter per person – for sick people’s body fluids clean up
  • 100 rolls of toilet paper per person – for personal sanitation
  • 20 rolls of paper towels per person
  • Washboard and Clothesline – for washing clothes by hand
  • Laundry soap – for washing clothes by hand
  • Good dish soap like “Dawn” or other aggressive anti-grease formula
  • Water filtration and purification devices
  • Water collection, storage and carrying containers
  • Water, water, and more water
  • Food storage that is adequate for all members living in the household

A good resource for more related information is CDC.gov

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