5 Natural Treatments and Solutions for COPD Relief
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5 Natural Treatments and Solutions for COPD Relief

5 Natural Treatments and Solutions for COPD Relief

by Elizabeth Renter

March 26th, 2013



saltshaker2 258x161 5 Natural Treatments and Solutions for COPD ReliefCOPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is the third leading cause of death in American. According to the World Health Organization, it shares fourth and fifth places (with HIV-AIDS) as the cause of death worldwide. The disease is marked by significant lung damage, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and a significant amount of mucous, and is primarily caused by smoking.

Unfortunately for the masses who suffer from this disease, it’s progressive, meaning it gets worse with time. Most people with COPD turn to traditional treatments like drugs with long-listed side effects, completely unaware of natural solutions that may help ease symptoms without causing additional stress or pain.

Here are some of those preventative and treatment tips.

  • Quit Smoking – This is a no-brainer; smoking with COPD certainly won’t make things any easier, and it could negate any other changes you make in your life. Written on MedLinePlus, “Smoking is the leading cause of COPD. The more a person smokes, the more likely that person will develop COPD. However, some people smoke for years and never get COPD.” Find help to kick the habit for good; you’ll be amazed at what happens when you quit smoking.
  • Improve Air Quality – The air quality where you spend most of your time can easily be improved by keeping humidity low and your home well-ventilated. Rid the house of any signs of mold or mildew and ensure all appliances are vented to the outside. Exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, and fans in general are all wise investments to help ease your COPD.

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