6 Natural Acne Remedies: Healthier Skin from your Kitchen
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6 Natural Acne Remedies: Healthier Skin from your Kitchen

6 Natural Acne Remedies: Healthier Skin from your Kitchen

by Elizabeth Renter

April 9th, 2013

acnepimple 263x164 6 Natural Acne Remedies: Healthier Skin from Your KitchenAcne is an embarrassing and painful skin condition that affects over 80% of individuals, both young and old. There are countless over the counter solutions that claim to kill the acne-causing bacteria and help create a smooth, flawless complexion. But many of these treatments are harsh chemicals, not to mention very expensive. Fortunately, there are several natural acne remedies you can put together in your own kitchen.

There are numerous causes of acne; you may suffer from acne when oils produced by your skin become trapped inside the pores, or it could be caused by bacteria. Either way, we do know that things like stress, a poor diet, make-up and cosmetics, hormone fluctuations, dietary deficiencies, and poor hygiene can all cause acne to flare-up and get worse.

Most acne treatments rely on one or more methodologies to eliminate the pimples and blackheads. They may work to reduce oil production, or to unclog pores, or to eliminate acne-producing bacteria. But some natural acne treatments also work from the inside out.

6 Tips to Reduce Acne Naturally | Natural Acne Remedies

Here are 6 natural acne remedies to consider utilizing or combining with other solutions.

  • 1. Hydrate – If you aren’t drinking enough water, your skin will tell the story. Aim to get at least two to three liters of water each day. Water helps your largest organ – the skin – to eliminate toxins, aids in balancing hormones, improves circulation to the skin, aids the digestive system, and much more.
  • 2. Increase Vitamin A Intake – Responsible for repairing skin cells and forming new skin, vitamin A is crucial for overall skin health. The vitamin is known for reducing the production of sebum and offers antioxidant properties, which helps to prevent acne formation by ridding the skin of acne-producing bacteria. You can find vitamin A naturally in carrots, and green and yellow vegetables. It can also be taken as a supplement, which may be required for severe acne. Be aware: large doses may come with side effects.

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