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A Well Rounded Prepper

March 7, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin

Most of us have our specialties and areas of so called ‘expertise’. We tend to know more about one thing or another based on what we find to be of interest, and often these interests and acquired knowledge are intermingled with our career choices. While some of these areas of specialty may not necessarily be beneficial in a life after the SHTF, a well rounded set or blend of practical specialties may be an ideal thing.

In today’s modern world, careers are often focused on narrow subjects and laser efficient skills rather than a wider array of ‘know-how’ per individual. They say that knowing a little about a-lot could be a dangerous thing – but all joking aside I believe that this could be an ideal thing in a world in which you need to rely on yourself and your own abilities to survive – or to minimize dependency on others.

You might not be a master builder, but if you know how to construct basic structures out of makeshift (or genuine) building materials, it may be good enough. You may not be a master gardener, but if you know enough about basic gardening and have successfully grown your own (for more than just one season), it may be good enough. You might not be a master chef, but if you know the basics about how to make your own foods from scratch, it’s going to be good enough. You get the idea…

I believe a best-case scenario is one in which you’ve learned quite a variety of practical skills throughout your life. Having a broad based hands-on practical skill set will by default provide most of you with a knack of adaptability. Adaptability (and the means to adapt) will be of immense importance in a survival situation post-disaster or collapse.

The more broad your own practical skill set, the more independent you can choose to be and the more valuable you will be in a collapsed or semi-collapsed world.

I also believe that having learned quite a variety of skills, and having put them to work, that your ability to make better decisions is greatly enhanced. Having a better understanding of the bigger picture, so to speak, is paramount to success.

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