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The Prepper Podcast Radio Network (KPRN-DB), is one of the most popular preparedness radio stations, and is now actively pursuing advertisers for their website as well as for audio promos for their various hosts.  PPRN has over 10,000 listeners per month on its toolbar, and shows that air live plus downloads get over 99,000 per month. In addition to this we have 15 other radio networks broadcasting our feeds with unknown listeners. In fact, from November 2012 to December 2012, listernership on our live feed increased 22.5%. The site receives over 1.5 million hits a month, and is heavily linked to other alternative news sites across the globe.

The sun does not set on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network, as we have visitors from all corners of the world every day, every month.

Our live feed is heard on Stitcher, Android and Apple apps, GoogleTV, Roku,  and many other outlets.


Read what our visitors have to say:

  • Good source of ideas for self-sufficiency & preparedness. Very easy to find the subjects you are interested in. My only suggestion is to watch that the tone of the articles doesn’t become too negative-I don’t need fluffy feel-good articles, but it would be nice to throw a few with a lighter tone in the mix. The other great thing about this site is that it covers community preparedness, a topic that most other prepper sites ignore. I applaud Prepper Podcast for addressing it.  – Tippy
  • It loads quite fast on my slow connection. The site has the type of news that I think is important, not the fluff stuff from other outlets. I always learn something new from the audio stream too. I found the site by listening to the podcasts. I can trust the vendors they allow on the site.  – Reel Hill
  • The site is filled with a ton of information. I find it mostly interesting because it seems like it is not info that is widespread publicized. Although it is alarming because so many people don’t see things that are so, almost frightening. I found it through a story that was sent to me through Facebook. This is my first visit but I will be navigating through the site to gain a stronger opinion.  – Rich
  • A good place for prepper news Very well put together and easy to navigate site. look the entire site over carefully, a treasure trove of information  – Facebook User

We’d like to hear from you. Contact us at [email protected]

The network offers banner space for the main site as well as the individual host sites. Included with every banner ad are contextual links from our posts and pages to your ads. You provide 3 key words and when those words appear in a post or on a page, they will link to your ad.

Banners range in size from text links at $60 a month, to a rotating 728x90px banner, at only $110 a month, all with a minimum of 3 months to start. All ads are rotated with every page load to prevent Ad Blindness which can steal potential customers from you. We encourage providing a few different ads to be changed out to keep the ad fresh in readers mind.

Web Banner Pricing:

Zones are found in the image below the descriptions

  • Zone A – A 728x90px banners on all PPRN sites  $110 per month.
  • Zone B – Top text link ad 3 (featured sponsor).  $60 per month.
  • Zone C – Sidebar special – 250×250 px. $80 per month.
  • Zone D – The Launcher spot – Ideal for people looking to launch new products/services/announcement
    • Please use the contact form if you are interested in this opportunity.
  • NEW! Zone E – Below posts, perfect for impulse buying! $70 per month

Click HERE to see the options available for your banner

Custom packages and discounts are available for quantity/commitment purchases.

 Internet Radio Ads

The network also offers audio promotions on its shows at a rate of $85/month per 100- 60 second spots. 

Podcasting is a proven means of growing your audience.  One study showed, “… podcast might be used to enhance marketing strategy for attracting a niche audience, particularly in the event that when traditional marketing approach becomes outdated or inconvenient for customers.”

Expand your presence with your target market with

  • 200 –  60 second commercials for $120/month or
  • 300 spots for $190/month.

PPRN offers you something no print ad can give you – PERSISTENCE!  When a person reads a newspaper, they are finished with it and it winds up in the trash – what a waste of advertising dollars! But when an ad is ran today on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network, the same ad may be heard YEARS later. Look at the chart below from only one of our many outlets:

Aug D/L

Sept D/L

Oct D/L

Nov D/L

BubbaTanicals Podcast





Common Sense Prep.





I Am Liberty





Pioneering Your Way to Freedom





Soul Survivor Radio





The Covert Prepper





The UK Prepper





Persistence gives you an additional monthly market





For a total of


Additional listeners since the ad last ran
Percent increase:


 It’s like an 2 weeks free advertising

Only 3 months later and you picked up an extra 7,500 more audience, and as time went by, even more would be listening to your advertisement. Your ad could have been heard over 50,000 times, even though your advertising period ended years ago. That’s called persistence!

And we can combine web advertising with the radio spots to give you a true multimedia exposure.

1 Year package deal: $4,500.00 gets you

  • 400 commercial spots per month on podcasts and live feed
  • A 200×200 banner ad on all pages
  • Contextual link ads with your keywords
  • A text link at the bottom of all posts.

And all this for only less than 95 cents a commercial. But the 95 cents you spend today is also heard tomorrow, next week, next month and next year!

Due to the nature of the advertising – no refunds will be provided if we have met our obligation of ad placement, ad running, and the running of the ad as you approved of or provided to us.

Sponsors of giveaways or sweepstakes are not considered advertisers as there is no financial compensation received.

Use the contact form below and let us see what we can do to expand your market and start improving your sales today! For even faster service, call (218) 389-8435.

Alternative pricing also available!

Over the past 6 months, Prepper Podcast averaged 47,000 page loads a month, with nearly a 25% increase each month. We can limit your exposure per day to keep your advertising costs within your budget, but you also have control over the exposure as well. You can pause or restart an ad at your schedule, so you can adapt how frequently your ad is displayed according to your budget.

Banner Size


Average cost per day

Text Based Ads



250×250 pixel ad



728×90 pixel ad



You decide how much you want to spend per day, and our advertising department will invoice you weekly. There is a $25 beginning balance that your ad will draw from, and once this is exhausted, then we will invoice you another $25.

Each month we will adjust our CPM rate to account for difference in the 6 month average and provide you the opportunity to stop all advertising, or continue on at the current, updated pricing.

Why not give us a call to find out all the details: Call (218) 389-8435


Comments or questions are welcome.

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