Africa Battles To Stop Deadly Spread Of Ebola
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Africa Battles To Stop Deadly Spread Of Ebola

Africa Battles To Stop Deadly Spread Of Ebola

Sky News is given exclusive access as medics in West Africa battle to contain the worst ever outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus.

11:38am UK, Wednesday 02 July 2014

The worst Ebola outbreak ever is spreading and will almost certainly extend across West Africa unless there is cross-country co-operation and urgent international assistance.

The porous borders between Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone has meant the disease is not being contained and now risks spreading even further.

Health workers at the epicentre, where the borders of the three countries meet, have made an urgent appeal through Sky News for immediate international help to try to control the virus.

Ebola outbreak 
The latest outbreak has spread to three countries

Philip Azumah, the Foya district health officer, said: “We need help now, or the virus will spread and kill more people.”

It is difficult to determine exactly how many people have already died from the disease given the cross-border contamination and lack of accounting.

But it is already clear there are many more deaths than any previous outbreak.

Aid organisation Doctors Without Borders has already said it is the largest outbreak on record, with the highest number of deaths.

Across the three countries, more than 400 have died in this latest outbreak, with no sign of the disease being halted.

And for the first time the disease has spread to highly populated areas including cities such as Guinea’s capital, Conakry.

At one of the high-risk infection centres set up in Foya, in Liberia, the medics insisted we, like them, took extreme precautions.

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