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An Accolade to Preppers with a Purpose

An Accolade to Preppers with a Purpose

by Gaye Levy
10th December 2013
As part of the journey toward self-sufficiency, we continue to evaluate life not only in terms of the here and now, but also in terms of tomorrow and beyond.  After all, the goal is to be independent of entitlements, of government intervention and of course, the influences of the PTB.

This is not an easy task.

And so we look beyond our own sphere of influence and reality, in search of others who may have done it better.  Others who have achieved that which we strive for.  Others who appear to have it all.  But appearances can be deceiving.  For every person we perceive as having it all, there is another looking to us with their own eyes, perhaps envious because “we” have it all.


An Accolade to Preppers with a Purpose   Backdoor Survival


Is Having it All Enough?

Reconciling the fiction of “having it all” with reality is tough, since the perception of life experiences can vary from person to person.  That said, I believe  most people would agree that “having it all” includes a nice home, good health, and a decent job or the financial means to enjoy a comfortable retirement.  It also means little or no debt, healthy relationships, and an inquisitive and curious mind.  So when you meet someone who seems to score 100% on all of these factors, you begin to wonder:  When will this happen to me?  When will I have it all?

As I was reminded today, the best answer to these questions is never.  And here are a few reasons why:

Material goods are just that:  things.  They will not provide food for the belly nor warmth on a cold night.  Stuff is stuff.

A fabulous house is made up of sticks and nails.  The modest little bungalow is composed of the same.  Both serve their primary purpose of providing shelter.  And the difference?  A bit of decoration here, a bit of extra comfort there.  Funny thing is that at night when you are sleeping, there is no difference at all.

A good job or financial wealth will insure comforts beyond the basics.  New clothes, nights out on the town, vacations to exotic places – all of these things require money and a good job or wealth become a prerequisite.

But . . .

The need to have a sense of purpose – the need to feel vital and valuable – is a unique quality of the human species.  For those of us that are normal (I am not referring to sociopaths here), there is an inherent desire to help our fellow man, to share our knowledge and to help make our world a better place albeit in some small way.  This need overcomes the desire for more stuff, a bigger house and a fat bank account.


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