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Be Showcased
The Self Reliance Project
Denver, Co
Sept. 22-23

Check out the Perks
See Below for the perks and pluses of being showcased at the Prepper Podcast Author Showcase.
The first of its kind
Highlighting the author and their work
Where is the best place to sell your books and meet fans?
What does it mean to be Showcased?
Got a reveal or new WIP?
  1. 1/2 - 8 ft table space
    Set up your books for sale. Sign copies and showcase your works.
  2. Author Showcase
    Each author will be given a highlited showcase. Author's choice of how to utilize it. *Do a reading *Host a Q & A *Enjoy a relaxed chat and photo session with fans
  3. Podcast interview
    Each Author will be given a Podcast interview on the Prepper Podcast show "Written Apocalypse" Their book highlighted in the online bookstore with links to purchase it. **Currently working on a video slot as well.
  4. Advertising
    The showcase and its authors will be advertised on *Prepper Podcast Radio Network *The event website *Surviving Dystopia Blog *Multiple social media posts and slots
  5. High Visibility
    Being part of the showcase offers you a section dedicated to authors in the genre. Rather than being located in relative obscurity between water filters and smoke detectors, our authors are set in its own showcase with media and comfortable seating.
  6. Exclusivity
    Being part of the author showcase is the exclusive means to attend this event as an author. Limited availability to preserve the target market and avoid over-saturation.

The Event Information

The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience

National Western Complex
4655 Humboldt St, Denver, CO 80216
Phone: (303) 297-1166

Event Website

September 22 -23, 2018


Showcase Pricing: $70.00 Per Author

Step 1
Complete the PDF Application below choose your payment method and email to info@prepperpodcast.com

Expo Program Exhibitor Advertising:

Expo Program Full Page Ad: $300
Program Half Page Ad: $155
Program Quarter page Ad: $90

Table Assignments:

Tables are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Space is limited to a select number of authors

All author applications are subject to approval. Books must be currently available for sale

NOTE:  Payment is non-refundable. SRE makes no guarantees regarding attendance or sales.

Location Floor Plan

Author Application/Contract

Step 2
Complete your author showcase information

Submit Author Bio Information

If paying via PayPal please note in the message section of payment:
*button for table fees only. email for additional invoices.
Your payment will show up as Self-reliance Expo

Pay Via PayPal
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