California Seizes Opportunity to Seize Guns
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California Seizes Opportunity to Seize Guns

California Seizes Opportunity to Seize Guns

Posted by Tom Hudson on Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The victims of Friday’s shooting have not even been buried yet and the brain trust that runs California is already proposing more gun control legislation. California is seizing this opportunity to seize guns from private citizens.

These new laws will fit the liberal agenda perfectly; they will be introduced and presented as a safety measure, they will deflect blame from the shooters and assign it to the gun world and the new laws will give the government the ability to seize guns from law abiding citizens.

The new laws will create what they are calling a “gun violence restraining order.” We all know how well “people” restraining order work. This new law will establish a system where relatives, intimate partners or friends can call police if someone is showing propensity toward violence. With this call to big brother, the police can then investigate and get a judge’s order to seize this persons guns. With the behavior of judges in today’s world finding one willing to violate a person’s right to privacy will not be difficult.

The way the laws are currently worded, the process of taking guns can only begin after a doctor or therapist calls the police to report the possibility of a violent act. Family members can call police but if the person in question hasn’t actually committed a crime then there is nothing that the police can do.

Nancy Skinner D-Berkley commented,” When someone is in crisis, the people closest to them are often the first to spot the warning signs. Parents, like the mother who tried to intervene, deserve an effective tool they can act on to help prevent these tragedies.” This is being sold as a way for concerned parents to intervene if their children are showing signs of mental illness.

I cannot help but notice that there is no mention of the seizing of alcohol, knives, rope, automobiles or the ability to order the draining of swimming pools. All of the objects are dangerous in the hands of the mentally ill. Should we also confiscate computers (this latest deviant wrote his manifesto on a computer)?

The people writing these bills have been waiting for something like this to happen so that they could introduce their crazy ideas. They realize that people will not support a forfeiture of rights unless there has been a tragic event where people are truly scared. It is a way for them to guide the sheep in the direction in which they want them to walk.

This shooting gives the liberals the chance to close the loop between mental illness and gun control.

To summarize, if you think someone is acting or has the propensity to act violent you can call the police. With this information the police can go to a judge who will issue a warrant to seize the person’s firearms. I am sure that law enforcement will show up at the person in question’s home in full military gear to seize these weapons. Once these weapons are seized what happens? I would imagine that the person will then have to prove that they are mentally fit in order to get them back. I always thought that a person was innocent until proven guilty? When did this change?

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