Cancer Treatment from the Dentist who Beat Cancer on Life Support
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Cancer Treatment from the Dentist who Beat Cancer on Life Support

Cancer Treatment from the Dentist who Beat Cancer on Life Support

by Paul Fassa

August 3rd, 2013

From the National Cancer Institute. http://pre...

From the National Cancer Institute. vi:Hình:Cancer requires multiple mutations from NIH-vi.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During the 1960s, a small-town Texas dentist discovered and created a way to treat his terminal pancreatic cancer. He then proceeded to treat others with all kinds of cancers until the medical establishment struck him down. His name was William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS.

His procedure eventually involved a metabolically appropriate diet instead of one diet fitting all: heavy pancreatic enzyme dosing, and liver detoxing with coffee enemas. Dr. Kelley died in 2005 at the age of 79. His book, Curing the Incurable covers his therapy.

After successful trial and error on himself, he proceeded with his three prong treatment on others. Word of mouth led many to the Texas dentist after mainstream oncology’s failures. At first his ‘cure rate’ for even terminal cancers was 50%. After fine tuning his metabolic diet determination system for individuals undergoing his therapy, his success rate went up to 93%!

Exactly how Dr. Kelley researched and worked his way out of his own life and death situation in order to support his four small children after his wife took his money and ran is a very interesting and dramatic story.

The Cancer Industry Clamped Down on Kelley

Dr. Kelley’s dental license was suspended for five years when the American Medical Association found out that a dentist was treating cancer. He was even thrown in jail briefly in 1969, forced to practice in nearby Mexico where others have been relegated after FDA-AMA harassment in the USA. Mexico’s Constitution guarantees medical practice freedom and patient choice. How’s that for irony!

After Dr. Kelley’s high profile patient actor Steve McQueen died, the national media jumped all over him. He and other insiders asserted that Steve’s difficult asbestos related mesothelioma lung cancer was treated, but the actor’s insistence on a separate cosmetic surgical procedure in the States had led to his iatrogenic (death by medicine) death.

Bitter and broken, Kelley called it quits after 20 years of treating thousands with cancer. Ironically, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, while a Cornell medical student, had become involved with the Sloane-Kettering Cancer Institute investigation into Kelley’s procedures as part of his internship.

Perhaps this cancer institute was motivated to debunk Kelley’s work. Instead, Gonzalez confirmed the validity of Kelley’s successful cancer treatments and began praising the dentist and studying his methods.

via Cancer Treatment from the Dentist who Beat Cancer on Life Support.

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