China's War in 2014: The Five Sided Face Of World War 3
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China’s War in 2014: The Five Sided Face Of World War 3

This is Part 3 of a series outlining the potential for China's War in 2014

China’s War in 2014: The Five Sided Face Of World War 3

By James Smith

24 Jan 2014

Paranoia: a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Imagine, if you will, being all alone in the woods as the sun is setting. And you hear a wolf howl in the background. Soon, more sounds of wolves joining in. Yelping, barking increased in volume and fervor. They smell you. They know where you are.China war 2014 5 fronts

And it’s only a matter of time before they find you.

Unarmed, afraid, and all alone – you are just a meat Popsicle waiting to be ripped apart by powerful jaws.

If this is what you think this is the mindset that China has, you are correct. However, they are far from unarmed, afraid and alone.

The nation of China represents over 1 billion people, and the largest military in the world. Controlling such a population that covers rural, industrial, residential and agricultural areas, several dialects and time zones has got to be one of the hardest jobs for a tyrant to do.

So the Chinese Communist Government does exactly what every other tyrant and dictator has done since the beginning of time: Create an outside “boogeyman” that threatens the safety and security of The People – and only his leadership/government/political movement can protect The People from these threats.

Oddly, Mr. Obama has started using the same rhetoric.

China has created these enemies using the same old tactics, do something to anger your neighbor and when the neighbor complains or takes action – label them as a threat to The People, and The People will ask to be kept safe.

Who are the threats? Well, America tops the list, followed in no particular order:

The United States is one of the largest importer of Chinese goods, and China is the largest holder of US Bonds, and yet we are considered a threat because we support a free Taiwan, Japan’s right to the Senkaku Islands, and oppose their sweeping grip on the South and East China seas. These seas, protected under International Law, have been found to be rich in natural gas and crude oil, the lifeblood of any developing country – or a country hell bent on control.


China has a few issues with Japan.

As I first outlined in the last segment, China and Japan have had a blood feud for over a century. In the land of honor, such feuds do not die a quiet death.

During the first Sino-Japanese War, the Diaoyu Islands were lost by the Chinese, and were renamed to Senkaku Islands. These islands now lay right in the middle of a vast oil field which translates to a cash cow for country so deep in debt they can’t see the horizon.

The United States

Starting with the America’s never ceasing desire to instill democracy in Communist countries, and our desire to keep life on a level playing field; China takes exception to our interference in their plans to rule South East Asia. Viet Nam and North Korea are two key examples.

And America continues to complain about the trade imbalance, one by which China created to cheat the system in their favor.

Everyone Else

Basically, it boils down to a temper tantrum.

China wants to expand its real estate and access to raw materials for military and commercial purposes. However, these lands belong to someone else, and what China wants, they will vilify and work on taking over that country. By manipulating the governments and putting their people in key position, they can subvert the rule of law and get what they want.

Having so many enemies means that if there is a war in 2014, China will have at least 5 countries to engage by sea, air, land, and in cyberspace. But having a million soldiers and sailors means they have the manpower to fight such a multi-front war.

In a war with 5 countries, would mean that Pakistan would join in the battle against India, and Russia would join the fight against the United States.

And in 2014, World War III can happen just like WWI did: With a small spark in a powder keg. But this keg contains nuclear and biological material.

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