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Coming Soon “The Will Lord Interview”

Coming Soon “The Will Lord Interview”

17 March 2013

By Tom Linden
The UK Prepper

I am very proud to announce that the world renowned Prehistoric Survival Expert and Experimental Archaeologist, Mr Will Lord, has agreed to an interview with me on my show set for 29 March 2013. Will’s site is HERE

Will Lord, Prehistoric Survival Expert.
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Will, a stone age survivalist, not only talks the talk or walks the walk he lives the walk, so to speak.

He is an accomplished Bow maker making Medieval Longbows as well as primitive bow & arrow designs, based on archaeological evidence, his Bows are frequently seen on TV documentaries.

He spent many years perfecting the art of flint knapping and he is an expert at producing stone tools such as hand axes & arrowheads.

Will excels in all aspects of primitive survival techniques including prehistoric cooking, preparing & using animal hides, butchery, cordage and shelters.

In fact covering the entire spectrum of skills needed to survive any time before the end of the Bronze Age.

Will recently helped to prepared Ed Stafford for his new TV show Naked And Marooned which Premiered Thursdays from 14th March, 9.00pm.

He has also been hired by Ray Mears to provide flint knapping courses for Ray’s students and worked previously on many TV projects including:

The Secrets Of Stonehenge. Released 2012. PBS.

Will Lord has also worked on programs such as Country File and has recently assisted ‘Walking The Amazon’ presenter Ed Stafford with his new series ‘Naked & Marooned’ for the Discovery Channel.

Will Lord also works as a guest instructor for TV Presenter Ray Mears.

So what questions would you like to ask him?

Send your questions for Will at my email HERE - Create Your Own Online Store For Free!
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