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Dehydrate Chicken Strips

Dehydrate Chicken Strips

February 12, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin

The other day I made some dehydrated chicken breast strips, and I took a few pictures to show you how I did it.

It’s simple:

The reason that I made this batch was actually for my dog, who loves to eat little bits of these as treats. He’s not spoiled or anything… ;)

It’s perfectly fit for human consumption, and in fact tastes delicious as a snack!



How I Made Dehydrated Chicken Strips

You want to do this with breast meat rather than dark meat which has more fat in it which will spoil more quickly than the breast meat.

I start with chicken breast still on the bone (when it’s on sale) and then simply slice the meat off the bone with a sharp knife – being careful not to cut myself. Having a very sharp knife is important!

The next step is to trim away all skin and fat from the meat, which will go rancid if you leave it on. As you can see in the picture, I set this process on a cutting board, and kept a bowl nearby to throw in the fatty pieces of meat. I discard the skin but save the fatty meat pieces that I’ve trimmed away from the breast so that I can cook them rather than throw away. Less waste that way…

Then, using the sharp knife, I slice the meat into strips which are about 1/4-inch thick. If you cut with the grain, the result will be a slightly more chewy meat. If you cut across the grain, the dehydrated result will snap easier into small pieces. It depends what you want…

Place the chicken strips on your dehydrator trays and set the dehydrator temperature to the ‘jerky’ temperature – I use the max. 155-degrees F.

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