Dell, others named in NSA spying program
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Dell, others named in NSA spying program

Dell, others named in NSA spying program

By Brett Winterford on Dec 31, 2013

30c3 keynote offers insight into next NSA leaks.

The best-selling servers of Dell are among a swathe of IT products released by US companies that have been compromised by the National Security Agency, information security enthusiasts were told at a conference overnight.Dell

Delivering a keynote speech at the 30th Chaos Computer Club conference in Hamburg, Germany, Tor contributor-cum-Der Spiegel journalist Jacob Applebaum presented a snapshot of dozens of zero day exploits used to spy on both US citizens and foreigners.

Applebaum revealed numerous leaked NSA-branded slides detailing the agency’s armoury of exploits –  most of which are yet to be published by any news outlet, providing fleeting glimpses of the headlines SC readers should expect to see over the coming weeks.

[See slidedeck: The NSA’s spyware catalogue].

Applebaum, a cryptography expert, was yesterday named as an author of an explosive article in Der Spiegel listing the names and details of several NSA exploits. The Germany magazine published NSA documents that boasted of the agency’s ability to use zero-day exploits to spy on communications passing through the switches and routers of the world’s largest networking vendors, Cisco, Juniper Networks and Huawei, among others.

Today, he detailed previously unreported exploits targeting the most popular lines of servers manufactured by Dell and HP, as well as smartphones of Apple and Samsung.

Applebaum made no apologies for naming the companies in his presentation.

“F### them for collaborating, and for leaving us vulnerable,” he said.

By naming the companies, he added, the pressure builds for these technology vendors to come forward and disclose whether they were co-conspirators in the NSA’s spying efforts, or fellow victims.

“In order to have truth and reconciliation, we need a little truth,” he said.

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