Dry and Mild Spell for UK and Western Europe
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Dry and Mild Spell for UK and Western Europe

Dry and Mild Spell for UK and Western Europe

By Eric Leister, Meteorologist

March 04, 2014

Over the past week, several potent storms brought strong winds and rounds of showers to much of the United Kingdom and Ireland. A wet February for much of the U.K. came on the heels of record-setting rainfall earlier this winter. In the U.K., December and January were the wettest on record.

Following Monday’s showers, largely dry weather prevailed across Ireland and the United Kingdom on Tuesday, although some showers and clouds did dampen the day across southern Ireland and southwest England.

London, England, Detailed Forecast
Paris, France, Detailed Forecast
Europe Weather Center

A frontal boundary approaching from the northwest on Wednesday will bring some rainfall into western Scotland with showers reaching Northern Ireland and far northern England by the end of the day. Dry weather will prevail across southern England, Wales and much of Ireland.

This front will slowly progress southeastward on Thursday leading to more rainfall from Northern Ireland through Scotland with showers across northern England, Wales and much of Ireland. Dry weather will hold for another day across southern and eastern England.

By Friday, this front will weaken and slide southward with a few showers for Wales and England, but no substantial rainfall is expected.

An area of low pressure will bring the threat of showers to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland this weekend while dry and mild weather prevails elsewhere with partly to mostly sunny skies. Temperatures will approach 16 C (60 F) across southern England by Sunday.

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