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The Eagle's Nest
with Sherman Tank
Mondays @ 10 EST

My name is Sherman Tank and I am a constitutionalist who believes in the freedoms and liberties that God had granted us from the time of our birth. This week's show will focus on unity of the patriot movement and different types of patriots. From III% to activists to Preppers. And how they can fit together.

7/30/18                 Hollywood Elites and the Idiots we Pay to Lie to Us on The Eagle's Nest

7/23/18                 All Things Conspiracy on the Eagle's Nest

7/16/18                  Learning to Blend In on The Eagle's Nest

7/9/18                   Law Enforcement and their Constitutional Oath on The Eagle's Nest

7/2/18                   Record heat, wildfires , Mexico and more on The Eagle's Nest

6/25/18                 The Eagle's Nest if there are disasters in your area

6/18/18                 The Eagle's Nest talks about Fathers

6/11/18                 The Eagle’s Nest and PTSD

6/4/18                   The Eagle's Nest talks about types of groups

5/29/18                 The Eagle's Nest Remembers the fallen

5/21/18                 The First Amendment on the Eagle's Nest

5/14/18                 The Eagle's Nest talks about The American Dream

5/7/18                   The Eagle's Nest on Manipulation and division /30/18

4/30/18                 The Eagle's Nest talks about bugging out

4/23/18                 The Eagle's Nest Mystery Show

4/17/18                 The Eagle's Nest talking on Syria

4/4/18                   The Eagles Nest The Bill of Rights

4/2/18                   The Eagles Nest Rally at the Capital

3/19/18                 2nd Amendment on the Eagle's Nest

2/20/18                 The Eagle's Nest - Events in Florida and gun laws

2/12/18                 Debut Show... Unity"

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