El Hierro volcano has new earthquakes swarm
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El Hierro volcano has new earthquakes swarm

El Hierro volcano has new earthquakes swarm

ue 24 Dec 09:08

The new seismic / deformation crisis continued over night with about 20 quakes between magnitudes 2-3 today so far (during the first 6 hours). The key observations are:

– A migration of the quakes’ hypo-centers towards the south is visible.
– Depths remain mostly at about 15 km, although a few events also occurred at shallower depths.
– Deformation has become more pronounced with some stations in the central and southern part registering 4 cm uplift (example La Restinga, HI9).
– INVOLCAN reports increasing Radon emissions preceding the seismic crisis.

The most likely interpretation seems to be that new magma has started (again) to intrude into the layer between the mantle and the crust beneath the island and as long as the earthquakes remain at that depth, this magma is rather moving horizontally to form sills. As of now, no eruption seems to be imminent.

El Hierro swarm

Recent swarm of earthquake beneath El Hierro

via El Hierro volcano (Canary Islands) – CURRENT ACTIVITY: new earthquakes swarm.

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