Food For Thought: Portion and Calorie Control After a Collapse
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Food For Thought: Portion and Calorie Control After a Collapse

Food For Thought: Portion and Calorie Control After a Collapse

Lizzie Bennett | Feb 28, 2014

Okay, you’ve scrimped and saved, stocked up your pantry instead of taking holidays, done everything you should have done to protect you and your family/group from starvation. Now the time is here, it has hit the fan, the shops are empty, power is down and you have no idea how long before it comes back.

The cause may be known to you, it may not.

Anything from EMP to economic collapse, earthquake to pandemic, there is no way we can know, and this is what makes us nervous for the most part. We know something is going to happen, we each have opinions, but we have no definitive  indicators at this point what and when.

For those who have a rural location and are practised at living off grid life will continue pretty much as it did prior to the event. For the rest of us life will change beyond recognition.

Anything that changes our world to such an extent can rightly be termed TEOTWAWKI,on either a personal or societal level. So, assuming you have not been murdered in your beds by a band of roving, foaming at the mouth zombies, you need to get down to actually deciding how you are going to make what you have last for the maximum amount of time.

This is going to be far from easy. Your food supply will run out eventually and if plan A (stored food) misfires before plan B (vegetable garden) is up and running you have what will could be death inducing problem.

As with most preparedness issues, planning for something before it happens, when you are calm and thinking straight is far better than planning on the fly when the reverse could well be true. Looking at your bulging pantry may make you feel better now, but just what’s in there? How many meals do you actually have? Do you know what goes with what or are you planning just to pull out what you fancy that day?

Whilst I agree that a little of what you fancy is a great moral booster eating like that day to day will see your stocks diminish far faster than had you planned at least some of your meals. Plain boiled rice will stop you from starving to death, but you will not be well after eating nothing but that for a month. Pulling the ‘nice’ stuff from the pantry will result in the bland and the boring getting left behind and ultimately, as your supplies dwindle these items are what you will be left with.

In addition, you need to have a basic idea of the calories required for good health of the people within the group. If you are going to be doing more of the manual work you will need more calories, and more protein for the health and strength of your muscles.

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One Response to "Food For Thought: Portion and Calorie Control After a Collapse"

  1. Robert Dudley
    Robert Dudley  March 1, 2014 at 4:05 am

    The typical prepper should really think about calorie control before SHTF IMHO

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