Gonzalo Becomes Hurricane as Fay Fades
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Gonzalo Becomes Hurricane as Fay Fades

Gonzalo Becomes Hurricane as Fay Fades

By Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist

October 14, 2014

Gonzalo strengthened into a Category 2 hurricane early Tuesday morning across the Virgin Islands and is expected to become a major hurricane by the middle of the week.

Heavy rain and locally damaging winds blasted the northern Leeward Islands on Monday before reaching Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands on Monday night.

“Life-threatening flash floods, damaging winds and mudslides will threaten the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico into early Tuesday morning,” said AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Andy Mussoline.



Residents and travelers should prepare for prolonged power outages and cutoff of basic services in the region and make final preparations as quickly as possible.

A cold front will eventually steer Gonzalo on a more northerly path by midweek. Folks in Bermuda should be on alert once again as the northerly turn will take Gonzalo toward them late this week or weekend, perhaps as a hurricane.

Torrential rain and damaging winds recently battered Bermuda as then Tropical Storm Fay passed nearby late Saturday night and Sunday morning. A peak wind gust to 82 mph was measured.

Fay lost all tropical characteristics late Monday afternoon across the open waters of the northern Atlantic.

During October, on average, areas most likely for tropical development in the Atlantic Basin tend to shift closer to the nearshore waters of North and Central America.

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