Gov of Maine Outlaws Common Core With Executive Order
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Gov of Maine Outlaws Common Core With Executive Order

Gov of Maine Outlaws Common Core With Executive Order

Susanne Posel

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The Great Seal of the State of Maine.

The Great Seal of the State of Maine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

September 9, 2013

Maine Governor Paul LaPage is rethinking his support of Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

LaPage said: “I don’t believe in Common Core. I believe in raising the standards in education.”

Standards for CCSS implemented from kindergarten to high school came to fruition with the finalization of the scheme in 2010.

After this new theory of education was enacted, a report produced in 2012 showed that 39% of high school students who took the ACT proved to be college-ready.

LaPage signed an executive order (EO) reiterating that public schools in Maine are locally controlled that student’s personal information will not be shared with corporations and federal agencies.

The EO states that “the Department of Education shall not adopt any educational standards, curricula or instructional approaches that may be mandated by the federal government. That the Department of Education shall not apply for any federal grant that requires, as a condition of application, the adoption of any federally-developed standards, curricula or instructional approaches.”

CCSS is directed at teaching children to gauge their decision-making abilities on the whims of their emotional state by emphasizing personal analysis through consistent multiple-choice testing.

The CCSS is an initiative sponsored by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. For the last two decades the accountability movement has held students under the thumb of test achievement that is used to demonstrate the CCSS that American citizens are expected to know to become successful in the workplace.

CCSS aspires to “have set new goals for student learning” and require “effective tools and resources to ensure students meet those goals.”

Under the CCSS, new standards of learning have been implemented with the expressed purpose of dumbing down the population. These include:

• Basic knowledge of the “classics” without a focus on reading comprehension
• Reinvention of writing skill to focus on keyboard and typing skills for college and career readiness
• Learning how to speak improperly by integrating slang and other alternative modes of communication
• Using media as a form of learning to train students to become dependent on mainstream media for their information while de-emphasizing personal research and independent thought
• Replacing cursive writing with courses on keyboard and focus on improving typing skills
• Replacing cognitive thought facilitated by mathematics with the broad belief system that illegitimates logic and reasoning

As CCSS spread throughout the state educational system it reset the foundation by which math and English were going to be taught. The guise was presented as a way to adapt curriculum to the needs of the students.

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