Gyver Gear: Survive Like a Navy SEAL IndieGoGo Campaign Launched
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Gyver Gear: Survive Like a Navy SEAL IndieGoGo Campaign Launched

Gyver Gear: Survive Like a Navy SEAL IndieGoGo Campaign Launched

Public Service Announcement from Prepper Podcast Radio NetworkThe Ultimate Everyday Survival Can -CONTAINER: 1L SS Bottle -CUTTING: SS Multi-Tool, Razor Blades -CANDLE: 300lm LED, Pinch Light -COMBUSTION: Bic Lighter, 4 Fire Tinder, 8 Matches -COVER: Thermal Blanket, Cotton Bandana, Dry Condom -CONTRUCTION: 40’ 550# Paracord, 10’ Gorilla Tape + more -CURE: Pill Organizer, Gauze, Moleskin, Latex Gloves + more -CLEAN: 4 Katadyn H2O Tablets, Boil H2O in bottle -COMPASS: 2” Illuminated, 20mm Button -COMMUNICATION: Tri-Tone Whistle, Car USB Charger, 2 AAs

Gyver Gear Co. has recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign entitled:

“Gyver Gear: Survive Like a Navy SEAL”.  The campaign is looking to raise $10,000 to build the ultimate everyday survival kits.

SAN DIEGO, CA – Created by a part-time entrepreneur and full-time, active duty Navy SEAL the GyverGearCo. has launched a campaign on IndieGoGo to support their newest products aptly named, GyverCan and GyverTin.  Described as the “ultimate everyday survival gear” the product is small enough to carry yet powerful enough to count on in any truly challenging survival or emergency scenario.  Crowdfunding support of $10,000 will fund the initial production batch due to be built in the founder’s hometown of San Diego, California.




The product was inspired by GyverGear’s founder after his return from a recent combat deployment.  Upon return home he realized that no high-quality, “every day” commercial survival kits were available in the marketplace.  He found that either the products available were either cheaply made or completely lacking necessary components.  He wanted to bring a product to market that is similar to what the SEALS carry as a comprehensive emergency kit in combat; “Why not produce something that would allow civilians to have the advantage we have in field?” Thus, GyverGear was born.

 “Emergencies, disasters and potential survival situations are a part of daily life and we need powerful everyday survival gear to effectively combat them. Murphy (from Murphy’s Law), is ruthless: he strikes at the absolutely worst moments when we are unequipped, unprepared, and vulnerable. Our EDC (EveryDayCarry) kits are designed to ensure that Murphy moves on to find a more vulnerable victim” – GyverGear Founder

 For more information please connect with us at IndieGoGo – “GyverGear: Survive like a Navy SEAL”



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