Heat Stroke And Avoidance
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Heat Stroke And Avoidance

Heat Stroke And Avoidance

June 29, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin



Heat stress is the buildup in the body of heat generated by,

-your muscles during work, and/or,
-heat coming from a hot environment.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke will result when the body is subjected to more heat than it can cope with…

When the body becomes overheated, less blood goes to the muscles, brain, and other internal organs.

You become…

-tired sooner
-less alert
-less able to use good judgment
Symptoms of heat exhaustion include…

-profuse sweating
-muscle cramps

As the condition becomes more severe, there can be a rapid rise in body temperature and heart rate. You may not realize that this is happening because there is no pain. Mental performance can be affected with an increase in body temperature of just 2 degrees F above normal. An increase of 5 degrees F can result in serious illness or death.

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