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Hidden World of the Dark Side of Prepping

Hidden World of the Dark Side of Prepping

Jul 9 2014

by Alan Moore

Without a doubt, the world of “prepping” is at it’s high point. All over the world, there are people getting serious about preparedness more than ever before. Some of this is due to shows like “Doomsday Preppers” but there are others who have been preparing before the term “prepping” was mainstream. They have their solar panels, grow/store their own food, collect rainwater and have a respectable amount guns and ammunition while living far off from the nearest city. These are your classical “preppers” that we all hear so much about. However, there is another niche group that we do not hear much about. They do not have large amounts of water stored, do not grow their own food nor do they have any real place to go. However, they know who does have what they need……YOU DO!


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“Fear is the path to the dark side” – Yoda


These individuals are what I like to call “dark side preppers”. We never hear much about them but there are far more than I feel comfortable knowing exist. They are the dirty little secret the prepper community doesn’t want to talk about. These individuals don’t worry a bit about storing food, water or anything of that nature. These people have decided that when the world goes to hell, their mindset will be that of a bandit. It’s really not anything new to this world when you think of times when lawlessness reigned supreme. If you search Third world countries that have fallen apart or are currently falling apart, you’ll see these people popping up. Right now, the cartels of Mexico have begun to do just as other groups have in places like Somalia when things began to structurally fall apart in their respective regions.


Signs of a “Dark Side Prepper”


If these so called “Dark Side Preppers” haven’t stocked up on food or water, why even call them “preppers” anyways? Do you for some reason believe that they haven’t been prepping? You see, they HAVE been preparing but not in the same way that most of the prepper world has. While you were storing up on food and water, they were buying guns and ammo. While you were springing for solar panels, they used their money to take some advanced firearms training classes so they could learn to run their weaponry on the same level as a special forces operator. You mapped out the best route for bugging out while they were mapping out the easiest route to the food distribution centers. They have extensive maps of the area with “hit zones” marked for preppers near them, grocery stores, drug stores, distribution centers and other areas of interest. Don’t think they have them? Guess again!


They will also not be some couch potato either. Most of the “dark siders” that I know are in very good condition and battle ready. They are mentally strong as well as physically capable of handling most individuals. They are trained in Hand to Hand combat as well as some knowledge of blade work. They are not “special ops” or “mall ninjas” but rather are just some guys that got some training. The ability to get trained is one of the biggest failures I have seen in the prepper community. The ones that are trained and take it seriously stand out as people who will survive rather than be food for these dark side locusts.


They may roam as a lone wolf but make no mistake about it…….all lone wolves eventually will find a pack. There is no argument in regards to the establishment of post collapse gangs that will do whatever is necessary to take care of their own. I have personally spoken to members of different street gangs who have told me their “prep plan” is precisely what I have just mapped out for you. They will take what they need, when they need it and establish themselves as the local warlord of that area. Inner city gangs are abundant and their danger needs not be embellished on but what about the rural gangs? In my opinion, this is where we see more of the localized mayhem begin to emerge. Small time, petty criminals forming an alliance in these rural areas because they know where the local farmers live.Most of your outlaw motorcycle gangs grew up in these rural areas so you could quickly see their presence in a rural setting. Remember that any gangs FIRST priority is to take care of the gang!


Typical “Dark Side Prepper” Kit


While your bug out kit may have things to help you survive, a dark sider is going to have things that allow them to take what they need. Things like:

*Body Armor

*Guns w/ LOTS of ammo

*Small Fire Axe (numerous uses but mainly for breaching)

*Bolt Cutters

*Duct Tape/zip ties (numerous uses but mostly for binding captives while they loot)


*Pry bar



*Medical / Blow out kit


This will be a lightweight kit that allows them to move from place to place efficiently. Like a locust, once they have absorbed all the resources in their given area, they will move on.

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