Holder asks Congress for $15 million for law enforcement 'active shooter' training
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Holder asks Congress for $15 million for law enforcement ‘active shooter’ training

Holder asks Congress for $15 million for law enforcement ‘active shooter’ training

4/15/14 | by S.H. Blannelberry


“In the face of this urgent and growing threat – when the lives of innocent people are at stake – those who stand on the front lines need our full and unwavering support,” Holder said in a video message posted Tuesday on the DOJ’s website.

“This critical funding would help the Justice Department ensure that America’s police officers have the tools and guidance they need to effectively respond to active shooter incidents whenever and wherever they arise” he continued.

Holder argued that funding to train rank-and-file officers is necessary because they are often the one’s who arrive to the scene first, well before the more highly-trained, crime-fighting operatives.

“…We must also be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to active shooter incidents if and when they do occur. And in today’s world, the first response must often be led not by SWAT teams or specialized police units – but by the very first patrol officers to arrive on the scene,” explained Holder.

“That’s why all law enforcement officers must have the best equipment and most up-to-date training to confront these situations – to stop active shooters in their tracks, to protect themselves, and to save innocent lives,” the Attorney General added.

Attorney General Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder wants all cops to be better trained to confront active shooters.

While enhancing training for law enforcement to address a gunmen hell bent on taking the lives of innocents is a worthy endeavor, one can argue that when seconds count even first responders are minutes away, thus leaving citizens with the responsibility to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, Holder doesn’t address this very real and logical extension of his argument. Before police even get there, potential victims will have an opportunity to engage the shooter. Should they be allowed to exercise their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms for self-defense outside the home, they may be able to save lives and thwart a potential mass killing.

However, should potential victims find themselves in a ‘gun-free’ zone, like Fort Hood, they will be forced to confront the shooter unarmed and essentially defenseless.

via Holder asks Congress for $15 million for law enforcement ‘active shooter’ training (VIDEO).

Photo by US Embassy New Zealand

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