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HOME: DIY Security Systems for Surveillance and Safety

HOME: DIY Security Systems for Surveillance and Safety

Published June 23, 2014 | By Rheney Williams

The following is a guest post by Rheney Williams of Home Depot. Thanks, Rheney!


In the realm of home automation and security cameras or surveillance equipment, finding something effective within a certain (conservative) budgetary range can seem like an insurmountable task. Either the inexpensive stuff is just that – stuff that often doesn’t work in any meaningful way – or the good stuff is too good to be trueƒfor your wallet, at least.

Fortunately, home automation advancements have made affordable and effective home security systems a possibility no matter your price range!

Take this setup from Q-SEE, for example, that is typically sold for less than $400 but can often be found closer to $300:


The Q-SEE Premium Series 8-Channel 1TB HDD Surveillance System with (4) 700 TVL Cameras and 100 ft. Night Vision covers many of your safety concerns. Not only are the cameras weatherproof, but they also utilize 36 infrared LED lights with a record capability of up to 100 feetƒin the dark!

The system connects to your smartphone via free apps from Q-SEE and allows you to view recorded or live video remotely and it even sends you email alerts with snapshots when motion is detected on the premises. Given the enhanced resolution of the camera and infrared sensors, never again worry about grainy and indistinguishable images in the event of a breach.

While you’re keeping eyes and ears on your place, don’t forget about the major entry points of your home: Your doors! For just under $200, Schlage offers an attractive touchscreen deadbolt with built-in alarm:schlage dead bolt key pad

This deadbolt allows you the freedom to go completely keyless (no more hide-a-keys just asking to be found in the bushes or under ñrocksî) and the fingerprint-resistant touchscreen prevents intruders from identifying the sequence of numbers that otherwise might be decipherable after repeated entries.

This ANSI Grade 1 Highest Residential Security rated locking mechanism is protected with an anti-pick shield. Moreover, it comes with customizable alerts so you know exactly who is coming in your door based on the sound of activity, tamper or forced entry.

Finally, it is enabled to work with Nexia Home Intelligence and features an additional wide range of home automation enhancements like scheduling lock codes to function during certain times, locking and unlocking the door from your smartphone and receiving text alerts when an alarm triggers or certain codes are entered.

For less than $100, you can equip your home with a dome-shaped wireless surveillance camera like this one from Foscam:


The Foscam FI8910W boasts some of these budget-friendly features:

  • High quality video and audio with pan/tilt capability
  • Wireless N connectivity
  • Remote internet viewing via computers and smartphones alike
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • 2-way intercom camera to remotely confront any violators in real time

And don’t think the violators need be outside intruders; with this surveillance camera, you can comfort fussy babies or quiet noisy dogs with the sound of your voice from anywhere! Not bad for less than $100, right?

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