Homestead Dividends 23 Sept 2013
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Homestead Dividends 23 Sept 2013

Homestead Dividends 23 Sept 2013

HD-logo1So I finally got the wife to the range to shoot. We had a wonderful time and everything was going well…until she started using my Glock17.

I noticed that my gun doesn’t eject casing very strongly and always remember them bouncing off of the bill of my hat.  As my wife fired a round, the casing dribbled backward end-over-end and hit her in the forehead, fell down behind her safety glasses and burned the area around her eye.  A practically impossible freak accident, that nevertheless really happened.  What’s worse, the gun was still loaded as she flinched in pain.  Someone could have been shot as she twitched and jumped in pain.  Luckily she didn’t pull on the trigger despite having her eyelid and orbital socket being burned.

A fun date at the shooting park turned into an accident and almost a tragedy.

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