How To Recharge Alkaline Batteries
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How To Recharge Alkaline Batteries

How To Recharge Alkaline Batteries

June 4, 2014

By Gaye Levy

A little over a year ago, I shared my experience recharging alkaline batteries.  What a game changer that became!

In the ensuing year I have learned a lot about the practical side of recharging alkalines; mostly that after a few recharge cycles, they tend to leak.  This is especially true of those cheap Kirkland brand batteries from Costco.  Actually, lately those Costco batteries tend to leak even when they are brand new so I avoid purchasing them entirely.

I have also learned that when the battery recharger says BAD, the battery really is bad.  Being stubborn, I will often set the bad battery aside and try it again later.  Sometimes it will charge up but for the most part, I send them off to the recycle box.

Something we tend to overlook is that when a flashlight or gizmo is dead – meaning, of course, the batteries are dead – there is often only one dead battery and the others in the device are okay.  So how do you tell?  I use this inexpensive battery tester gizmo I purchased for testing batteries.  It is nothing fancy but for less than $4, what would you expect?  Anyway, it just works.

How To Recharge Alkaline Batteries for the Long Term   Backdoor Survival

When I find an assortment of partially used batteries, I top off the okay batteries in my recharger and they are good to go for another round.  And the dead batteries?  I try to re-charge those as well and in the past year, have experienced about a 70% success rate.

Note:  Recharging dead alkaline batteries is different from recharging “bad” batteries.

I have been thrilled with both the alkaline battery recharger and my cheapie testing device.  To learn more, here is the original article for your education and enjoyment.

How To Recharge Alkaline Batteries for the Long Term   Backdoor Survival

How to Recharge Alkaline Batteries


From time to time I feature bonus articles that are buried in the Backdoor Survival archives.  I hope you enjoy this one and that you use it to enhance your preparedness efforts.

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