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How to Stack Wood

How to Stack Wood

February 17, 2013

The Organic Prepper

About 3/4 of the cord of wood that just delivered this morning!
The snow is still on it from the ride over.


It’s one of those things that might seem self-explanatory.  I thought it was until I stacked some this summer and it went rolling onto my Croc-clad foot.  (Ouch!)  In response I began making rather triangular piles until my neighbor helped me out.  And wearing my steel-toed work boots.  :)


My neighbor came to the rescue again and  brought me a big tub full of 18 inch lengths of wood. 1x3s, to be exact, but you could use whatever you have lying around.


I had been stacking my wood different directions for each row.  That works but not nearly as well as using the lengths of lumber.


When you use the lumber strips, all you do is place them as levelly as possible at the end of each row.


This provides stability at each end, allowing you to pile the wood basically as high as you can reach without the worry of it tumbling down on the members of your family.  All the wood goes in the same direction with this method.  If you can’t quickly find pieces of wood that are level in height, then angle the slant inward, as shown here (on the left, near the bottom).

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