It’s Time To Become A ‘Jack Of All Trades’
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It’s Time To Become A ‘Jack Of All Trades’

It’s Time To Become A ‘Jack Of All Trades’

September 9, 2013

By Lizzie Bennett


When the long predicted collapse occurs it goes without saying that our lives will never be the same again. If that collapse is something that can be fixed, great, we will struggle but hopefully survive with a modicum of sanity and more humility about our place in the general scheme of things as we move forward and start rebuilding. What happens though if it’s something that can’t be fixed?

If infrastructure has been annihilated to the point where it can’t be fixed for a generation, if ever, what then?

If the population has been decimated to the point where there are simply not enough people to keep things going, or those that are left just don’t have the skill mix to keep things going, what then?

Anyone with half a brain knows these are questions that can’t be answered at this point in time. Nobody knows, even those who would instigate Armageddon, what the final outcome and damage will be. That being the case whats the point of discussing it?

Well, although we talk about complete collapse on a regular basis and we are prepared for long term situations by for example, understanding and practicing growing our own food and learning some new skills, we can’t cover it all.  It’s not until you actually sit down quietly and think about it that the enormity of  permanent breakdown sinks in. Off the top of my head:

  • No new door handles and locks.
  • No new eye glasses.
  • No new ball point pens
  • No new home repair materials
  • No new bicycles and parts for bicycles
  • No new drugs
  • No new disinfectant,bleach and cleaning materials
  • No new anything, no replacements other than what we have.

That’s a totally random list, just items that popped into my head, but you see my point. We all have the same prime directive in a total collapse situation. That directive is to survive. If we have the skills to do so is another matter,

We take a very foresighted approach to our food and water supply, we hoard manual tools but without the basics to work with those tools are all but useless.

What we need to be doing is looking at history, looking at the way the old timers did things. How they repaired and maintained what they had. How they cleared land and repaired buildings and buggies.

via Underground Medic – Part 2.

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