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Learn to Prep by Camping at Home

Learn to Prep by Camping at Home

by Gaye Levy

15th November 2013

One of the wonderful things about blogging is that you become friendly with a diverse community of interesting people.  It happens serendipitously actually.  Perhaps there is a comment that is especially useful or an email or a message via Facebook.  Whatever the reason, I have been very lucky to connect with folks that are not only interesting, but helpful when it comes to my own preps.

Today, on Survival Friday, I have a very special article that came to me by way of a reader comment.  As I was reading a comment to 10 Things that Preppers Get Right, I happened upon a piece by fellow prepper, Ken, who is also knows as “Luxstar” on Instructables.

Survival Friday: Learn to Prep by Camping at Home   Backdoor Survival

He gave some common sense prepping advice that was so practical that I felt compelled to share it.  I contacted Ken and he has give me permission to share his advice on Backdoor Survival.  The background is that he was discussing disaster preparedness with friend at work and this friend/co-worker asked him to put the basics of preparedness in writing.

This is what he came up.

Camping At Home – The Easy Way to Prep

Dear Friend,

The following is in regard to the last time we talked about disaster preparedness. I do not consider myself any sort of an expert. I do not think there are very many people who really are. I think most people who are “prepared” have opinions which for the most part are valid and useful, so this is the short version of mine.

I am convinced from what I have read and experienced that most people are not prepared for disasters and disruptions. Anyone who is willing to really think through the issues and do something meaningful about it, is light years ahead of the average person.

For me, I am planning primarily for supply chain disruptions. What this means is that food, water, electricity, phones, gasoline etc. will for an extended period of time be unavailable. Also, I am planning on my house and possessions to be intact at least at the beginning of whatever happens. This means that I am not planning to relocate. If I have to do that, I will improvise when the time comes but more than likely we would stay with friends or family or they would stay with us if needed.  I think this works for California but may not work as well in areas that get hit by hurricanes.

So, I am planning to go camping at home. This makes planning easy since I have been back packing a couple of times.  By category, I will explain what I think is needed.

Here are the categories:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Lighting
  • TP
  • Sanitation
  • Cooking
  • Communications
  • Fire Fighting

I left these off the list because I assume that I already have them: Shelter, Clothing, Meds.

Water:  Water is the most important category since most people die in less than a week without it. I have stored water. If a “worst case scenario” happens or if all my close friends and family show up at my house, I will not have enough water.

As a plan “B” I spent some time on Google Earth and located all the large publically accessible sources of water in my area. I also have pure bleach (sodium hypochlorite) with no additives to purify water if needed. I believe it is 4 – 8 drops of bleach per gallon but you can double check on the Red Cross web site. Also I think the recommendation is 1 gallon per person per day.

Food: This can be a complicated subject since there is so much information and products out there. I have some canned goods and some dry food of the normal every day variety. Things that keep for a long time and that we like to eat. I also have food that is primarily meant for survival. In that regard I came across a useful resource on the internet: http://sproutpeople.org/.

The short version is that I watched several of the YouTube videos on the site and I made my own versions of the sprouters this guy sells (my version of the easy sprout is made from two stacking plastic cups and the lid from a jar of instant coffee {from Wal-Mart}).

Continue reading at Survival Friday: Learn to Prep by Camping at Home – Backdoor Survival.

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