Lessons In Urban Warfare: "People Will Die In Huge Numbers"
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Lessons In Urban Warfare: “People Will Die In Huge Numbers”

Lessons In Urban Warfare: “People Will Die In Huge Numbers”


September 7th, 2013

SHTF School

SHTFplan Editor’s Note: Our friend Selco at SHTF School is no stranger to the realities of war. Having spent a year in the middle of a conflict that indiscriminately took the lives of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in the Balkan War during the 1990′ he is able to share a first-hand account of what the world as you know it may look like should it all collapse. Most of us theorize how such events may play out, but none of us is really prepared for them. Living in relative peace and prosperity most of our lives, the majority of Americans would find it almost impossible to even imagine what you are about to see and read.

As disturbing as the following video and commentary is, it is something you need to be familiar with now, so that you can prepare your mind, body and spirit for the absolute horrors that you will witness right before your very eyes should the worst happen. 

The following is a necessary, yet brutal, commentary and imagery. It provides some key insights into what we may well face in the future. A destabilization of life as we have come to know it is no game, no laughing matter, and not something that should be taken lightly.

As Selco so succinctly noted in a previous article, ” if I had to be an animal, I was an animal.” 

It’s about survival. That’s it.

(Pictured: Snipers take aim at civilians in Sarajevo during the Balkan War. Circa 1992)

*The following video contains extremely graphic imagery*
*Viewer discretion is advised*

We are at an interesting point in time. It might be a point that changes human history if some of those who rule us (sorry to call it like that but that is the situation right now) play their game and it escalates. I’m happy to know most of you have already prepared the proper storage and skills to try your best when the storm hits. Let’s hope we don’t ever need anything from this.

If you have time, stop eating (but maybe get drink) and spend half an hour watching the video below. It is just out since 4th of September 2013 but shows some older video footage of people fighting for their survival in Syria’s current conflict. It’s bloody and may be disturbing for some, so may be don’t eat. I speak a lot about how I moved through city and fought in my survival course and see many similarities. Too many, so I had to take some breaks looking at this. Anyway, I have comments about this video below.

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