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Live 4 Liberty
Malena Chastain
Thursdays @ 7:00p EST

  1. Managing Director

I founded Live 4 Liberty to bring truth to an untruthful world. We pride ourselves on bringing stories that negatively affect our country with the power of truth. My show will center around current events and a week in review. We are inundated with information, but what is factual? We will dive into those stories that are not only being falsely reported but bring information to light that is not being discussed. Preserving our Constitution is key to preserving our liberties and freedoms. We will highlight those politicians that fail to respect their oath in office and are the root cause of division in this country. We will debate the controversies, hate, and labeling currently happening across our nation. Information is education, the only way we will be able to hold our government accountable is through unity, truth, and knowledge.

Live 4 Liberty also works tirelessly to bring awareness to the PTSD epidemic. We aide Vets with issues surrounding treatment and discrimination within our justice system. We are addressing Congress in October in regard to the way the government and military handle PTSD and will fight to change the structure of the corrupt VA system. 22 soldiers a day lose their battle with PTSD, but what happens to those that don't take their lives? Some of our veterans are homeless, drug addicted, alcoholics and incarcerated all because of a broken system. We will also highlight veteran issues and provide you with avenues to help those that sacrificed for our freedoms.
If you are a Patriot, stand for our constitution, love our country and support our military, this is a show you won't want to miss. 


Archived Shows 2018

7/26/18                         National Patriot Group Part 2

7/19/18                          National Patriot Groups on Live 4 Liberty

7/12/18                          Live 4 Liberty with Malena Chastain Debut
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