North Korea 'Fires Two Missiles Into Sea'
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North Korea ‘Fires Two Missiles Into Sea’

North Korea ‘Fires Two Missiles Into Sea’

The rocket launch is the latest show of military strength to coincide with South Korean-US military exercises.

11:27pm UK, Tuesday 25 March 2014

North Korea has test-fired two mid-range ballistic missiles toward the Sea of Japan, according to a South Korean news agency.

The missiles are the latest of dozens of launches in the last month thought to be in defiance of joint military training drills between South Korea and the US.

North Korea regularly condemns them as rehearsals for an invasion, while Seoul and Washington claim they are purely defensive.

“North Korea fired a ballistic missile at 2.35am and another at 2.45am from the Sukchon region, north of Pyongyang, into the East Sea,” South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said, according to the Yonhap news agency citing senior South Korean military officials.

The missiles, which appeared to be Rodong class, flew some 650km (400 miles), the agency said.

Ten days ago North Korea reportedly fired 25 rockets off the country’s east coast which flew about 42 miles into the Sea of Japan.

The recent rocket launches, including a ballistic missile that crossed the path of a Chinese passenger plane, have put South Korean troops on increased alert.

North Korea’s National Defence Commission has previously threatened to demonstrate the country’s nuclear deterrent.

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