Pennsylvania County Takes Stand for 2nd Amendment
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Pennsylvania County Takes Stand for 2nd Amendment

Non-Binding Resolution Is Only The First Step

Pennsylvania County Takes Stand for 2nd Amendment

By Tenth Amendment Center Blog

Another Pennsylvania county has taken a stand against unconstitutional federal gun control.

The Clearfield County Commissioners voted unanimously on Dec. 3 to pass a resolution reaffirming the Second Amendment rights of county residents, according to a Courier Express article. They now join Susquehanna County, East Coventry Township and Gilberton as local communities to speak out in defense of the God-given right of self-defense that has been enshrined in the Constitution.

The Courier Express reports that the resolution “says the commissioners urge and expect the Pennsylvania Legislature, the governor, the U.S. House, Senate, President and all other elected and appointed officials at the local, municipal, city, county, state and federal levels to fully preserve and comprehensively protect in a lawful manner, the citizens’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and to oppose any federal act, bill, rule or executive order that unlawfully infringes or places limitations on the right under the U.S. of Pennsylvania constitutions.”

Although this is a step in the right direction and makes a strong statement against federal tyranny, this resolution was non-binding. That means that county government and law-enforcement officers are not legally required stand down if the gun-grabbing feds come to town.The next step is to pass a legally binding ordinance prohibiting any county cooperation with federal attempts to enforce acts that violate the second amendment. The goal is to blanket the U.S. with these ordinances, denying cooperation the feds desperately need to enforce their so-called laws. if enough localities throw roadblocks in the way of these unconstitutional acts, it will make them “nearly impossible to enforce” as Judge Napolitano has said.

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