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Personal Preparation for Grid Ex II

Personal Preparation for Grid Ex II

Dave Hodges
October 15, 2013
The Common Sense Show


Grid Ex II, November 13-14

Grid Ex II, November 13-14

The economy is coming down. It is not a matter of if, but when. We have a 17 trillion dollar deficit, a 222 trillion dollar unfunded liabilities for critical social welfare programs and a crushing 1 quadrillion derivatives debt. There is no reversing course economically. The only solution is debt repudiation, but the globalists are not going to let this happen without a fight. And before they allow the people to galvanize and even possibly join forces with a disenchanted military, they will perpetrate a false flag event(s) designed to put the country under control as the forces of martial law are rolled out.

It is impossible to predict what the false flag event will be. However, there are some good candidates, and none better than the Grid Ex II drill coming up next month.

Many have written to me asking what they should do to prepare for a potential false flag attack, such as the Grid Ex II “simulated” blackout drill scheduled to begin on November 13th.

There are no foolproof approaches to the coming disaster, but I am going to cover what I am going to do in preparation for possible negative outcomes from events such as the Grid Ex II “simulated” power grid take-down drill. 

What If Grid Ex II Is A Designed False Flag?

Since the dawn of the electrification of the American society, we have we never been faced with a complete shutdown of the power grid. However, as I have discovered, the government has indeed planned for such an eventuality.  

In August of 2009, I attended a Congressman Trent Franks Town Hall Meeting at the Community Church of Joy in Glendale, AZ.  Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) produced a video which hypothesized that if terrorists were to detonate two nuclear weapons above the mid-continent United States, the resulting EMP attack would wipe out all electronics. The resulting projections estimate that 90% of the American people would be dead within two years. From this presentation, I created a hypothetical simulation game which recreates a major catastrophe and then poses critical questions, based upon several scenarios to the immediate threats to individual survival. In the four years that I have used this game as a teaching tool, which illustrates the fragility of society, I have formed some conclusions about some of the principles which can serve to enhance survival following a disaster, particularly in the critical first 72 hours.

Much of what I am going to present is derived from this simulation which examined the impact of a major event upon 15 key areas (e.g. medical, education, military, law enforcement, etc) and how people can best respond to the challenges.

What If the Economy Is Collapsed in the Midst of a Blackout?

Congressman Frank’s Congressional military appropriations video also estimated that a 50% mortality rate would occur in the event of a total economic breakdown without an EMP attack. If civil war accompanies an economic breakdown, the casualty estimates would be impossible to gauge. Either way, the odds are stacked against survival. Preparation does not guarantee survival, but if one does not prepare, one is sealing their own fate. And most of all, do not forget your spirituality, you may need a miracle in the days ahead. If society experiences a meltdown, the odds for survival are not good for the masses. 

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