Pigford Investigation Uncovers Massive Fraud
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Pigford Investigation Uncovers Massive Fraud

Pigford Investigation Uncovers Massive Fraud

Posted on Apr 26, 2013

by Liberal Kryptonite


I wonder where my check is.        Companies and government agencies often try to settle lawsuits out of court.  In many cases they are much cheaper.  That is until racists in the government take over.  The original bill on Pigford was introduced by Senator Barack Obama.  The courts reviewed the case and eventually the Supreme Court ruled that 91 farmers were deserving of settlements based on racial bias.  No one can argue that was not fair.  Discrimination did take place.

But in 2009, Bob Menendez threatened to shut down the settlement unless thousands of Hispanics were added to the payoffs and Obama then removed all conditions that were used to detect fraud.  This is very reminiscent of the way he has handled welfare, food stamps and many other government giveaways.  The original 91 complainants were to receive 50k each for a total payout of $45,500,000.  A lot of money, but it was to correct unfair practices of the past.  Now, with thousands of Hispanic and women farmers being added even though they never made a complaint in 1997  are now eligible for payouts and the total set aside is 1.33 billion, which is 29.3 times the original settlement.

According to the New York Times, there have now been more claims than there were farms total, owned by whites, blacks, and Hispanic combined.    All told, 90,000 claims have now been filed and assuming that they all are accepted, will cost taxpayers 4.4 billion dollars, which is now almost 90 times the original amount to be paid out.  The Times also pointed out that career lawyers within the government objected to adding any new claimants because there is no credible evidence that discrimination occurred.  Indeed, you need almost nothing as proof of harm and denials are very few and far between.

Coincidentally, trial lawyers, who are one of the democrats largest sugar daddies, will make about 130 million once the settlement is concluded, quite possibly a lot more.  Plus the payouts, legitimate or not will assure democrats the undying loyalty of the fraudsters.  Meanwhile, the taxpayers are left holding the bag.  Evidently, sequester does not apply here.

According to the Times:

“Two government reports that year found no evidence of ongoing, systemic discrimination. The Government Accountability Office reported that 16 percent of minority farmers were denied loans, compared with 10 percent of white farmers, but traced the difference to objective factors like bad credit. An Agriculture Department study also found “no consistent picture of disparity” over the previous two years.”

So farmers who didn’t get loans to bad credit are as eligible as those who were turned down for other reasons.  And just who was in charge during the period in which discrimination is alleged?  Bill Clinton.  Daniel L Glickman,  a democrat was Sec of Ag in 1997.  Shouldn’t he be held accountable for this mess.  No congressional committee has addressed the Pigford settlement yet and that should be done posthaste.  Call Glickman in and ask him how prevalent discrimination was in 1997 and why was it done.

Congress must pass rules, regulating payouts requiring proof that the claimants were discriminated against.  If they were denied loans because of bad credit, they must be removed from the settlement.  Also claimants must produce tax returns to prove they were working as farmers and didn’t just own a parcel of land.  They should also be forced to produce applications for loans from 1997.

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