Pregnant Nurse Fired Over Flu Shot Refusal
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Pregnant Nurse Fired Over Flu Shot Refusal

Pregnant Nurse Fired Over Flu Shot Refusal

The young mother had fears of a miscarriage but her employer mandated that all employees receive the vaccination.

29 December 2013

By Sky News US Team

A pregnant woman who works as a registered nurse has been fired over her refusal to get a flu shot.vaccienflushot-235x147

Dreonna Breton, 29, worked for Horizons Healthcare Services in central Pennsylvania. The company requires all personnel to get the influenza vaccine.

Ms Breton contends the immunizations may not be safe enough for pregnant women. She suffered two miscarriages earlier this year and doesn’t want to risk a third.

Asked about the flu shot requirement, part-owner Lancaster General Health sent a statement on behalf of Horizon’s president, Carolyn Carlson, a registered nurse.

“Like our requirements for TB skin testing and MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination as a condition of employment, mandatory flu immunization protects our patients, employees, and community from getting this potentially serious infection,” Ms Carlson said in the statement.

Company spokesman Alan Peterson says it’s unconscionable for a health care worker not to be immunized. He also says pregnant women are more susceptible to the flu.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that pregnant women receive a flu vaccination.

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