Raw Milk Power: Girl Uses Raw Milk to Reverse Own Lyme Disease
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Raw Milk Power: Girl Uses Raw Milk to Reverse Own Lyme Disease

Raw Milk Power: Girl Uses Raw Milk to Reverse Own Lyme Disease

by Paul Fassa

English: Erythematous rash in the pattern of a...

English: Erythematous rash in the pattern of a “bull’s-eye” from Lyme disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

October 5th, 2013

Most Lyme disease think they need to rely on antibiotics forever, but a few have jumped out of the Medical Mafia matrix and reversed the long term horrors of Lyme disease with various alternative choices without any pharmaceutical antibiotics, albeit sometimes integrating them with alternative methods. While NaturalSociety’s Anthony Gucciardi used colloidal silver to successfully tackle his own Lyme disease, one Lyme disease sufferer took an extremely unusual (successful) approach – raw milk.

Melanie’s Story (Not intended as medical advice for Lyme Disease or any other ailment)

After years as an active housewife and busy mom, Melanie came down with intense joint pains, weakness, and acute sensitivity to sounds and lighting. As her condition worsened and other symptoms plagued her, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Melanie was so debilitated that she was considered too weak for medical intervention. So she went on her quest for other solutions.

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For a couple of years, she had tried several dietary and supplemental options that she had researched, but none seemed to work for her. Then she came upon milk fasting information from the Mayo Foundation of the early 20th Century, before it had become taken over by the medical mafia to become Big Pharma’s drug dispenser in Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic.

One of the documents she came across, by J. R. Crewe, MD in January 1929, has been discovered, edited, published by the Weston A. Price Foundation and the website realmilk.com. It’s fascinating to read this and realize the milk used then was farm fresh raw milk to create an effective treatment for tuberculosis and other ailments by offering intense detoxification and nourishment.

Melanie found a farm close by that would sell her raw milk produced organically in large quantities. She fasted for 90 days on raw milk and homemade raw milk kefir only.

Upon her 90th day, after enduring one healing crisis after another, such as glandular pain and coughing up green phlegm during this difficult regimen, Melanie reported her recovery with renewed energy, skin color, and no more hair loss. The 25 pounds she had lost over the four year illness had returned.

This is not a Lyme disease healing recommendation. The point of this article is to illustrate the superiority of raw milk to commercially produced pasteurized milk, and how raw milk can improve health or even heal.

via Raw Milk Power: Girl Uses Raw Milk to Reverse Own Lyme Disease : Natural Society.

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