Remington Expands Ammunition Operations
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Remington Expands Ammunition Operations

Remington Expands Ammunition Operations

Big Green has plans to add a new building to its ammunition operations, beginning sometime during the second quarter of 2013.

By NRA Staff (RSS)

May 14, 2013


English: Ammunition Brass or Cases for .223 Re...

English: Ammunition Brass or Cases for .223 Remington Cartridge (Winchester brand) for handloading Deutsch: Patronenhülsen aus Messing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remington Arms Company, LLC has announced plans to expand operations at the Remington Ammunition Plant in Lonoke, Ark. Work on the expansion, which will include the construction of a new building, is expected to begin second quarter of 2013.  The $32 million expansion plan is projected to be in operation by the second quarter of 2014.

“We are proud to provide job growth within communities that have supported us for so many years, while meeting the increasing global demand for superior ammunition products,” said Jim Grahlmann, Lonoke Plant Manager. “This expansion reinforces our commitment to deliver the finest quality products for our customers.”

“We continue to invest in all of our manufacturing operations because we are committed to ensuring quality, increasing product availability and improving on-time delivery,” said Kevin Miniard, Chief Operating Officer of Remington. “This significant investment in Lonoke is a testament to that commitment. Our customers can count on Remington to invest in its manufacturing operations in order to ensure that its facilities are state-of-the art and its employees are the best in the industry.”

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