Summer ammunition buys for Government Agencies may cause shortages
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Summer ammunition buys for Government Agencies may cause shortages

Summer ammunition buys for Government Agencies may cause shortages

By James Smith

24 July 2013308linex580

A review of recent contract requests and awards proved to demonstrate the Government, in the middle of a financial crisis, are buying up ammunition to beat the end of the fiscal year, which end 30 September.

The normal suspect, the Department of Homeland Security, has been put on a stool in the corner by the US Congress, but not the other agencies. In fact, one agency left the necessary clauses in the requests blank, leaving room for error and fraud.

And one American company smells the green with nearly being awarded 100,000 in contracts. In fact, only one company has won ammunition contracts in the last two weeks.

All solicitations can be found below with hyperlinks.

Starting with the Bureau of Prisons request that was awarded 17 July, for 30,000 .308 boat tail ammunition.  The contract was worth $23,300 and was won by A2Z Supply of Stevensville Montana.

You may recall the article I wrote,   More sniper ammunition being ordered by DHS. Who are the targets? where the DHS had requested 176,000 rounds of the exact ammunition being ordered by the BOP.  But the Prison Industrial Complex, like any other raging machine, will never be satisfied. Today, they awarded A2Z over $40,000 to provide 170,000 rounds of 9 mm. You know the kind of rounds you use for your Glocks? Currently, there are two more solicitations that have yet to be awarded for another 205,000 rounds of 9 mm, and 60,000 rounds of .223 rounds.  We will fill you in with those results later.

A solicitation for BOP/FCC Victorville raises some serious ethical questions, and Contract Specialist Sean Hemstedt should be asked to resign if he cannot come up with a good reason for the omissions.

In all RFQ/RFP/RFI, there is a section for Contract Clauses, List of Attachments, and Solicitation Provisions. Typically, these are the sections which demand interested parties officially state their compliance with Federal Law regarding human trafficking, statement of being an American corporation, and things of this nature. But the solicitation fails to offer the legal protection of our money either going overseas, or the BOP receiving grey or black market materials.

In fact, the solicitation states:

This cover letter precedes a solicitation package prepared by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Contracting Office, for the provisions of 9MM & .223 Ammunition, Fiscal year 2013 for the Federal Correction Complex (FCC), Victorville, California. This package contains all necessary information to submit a quote.

In submitting a quote, quotes should consider all information herein. Please carefully follow all instructions located in the solicitation package concerning the content, format, and submission of quotes.

This needs to be examined immediately.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs placed an order of .40 caliber, 5.56 NATO, the RSL12 Star Slug, and the 12 Gauge RIO Royal Buckshot – and awarded it A2Z Corporation for a mere $8500.

If you’ve never heard of the RSL12 Star Slug, the manufacturer, RIO Ammo markets the ammunition as:

Available in both standard and low recoil options comes one of the most precise slugs currently available, combining great power and regularity. A lead projectile and plastic wad are used to sustain accurate trajectories. This cartridge carries its game hunting legacy into lethal and barrier breaching applications for law enforcement.

The round, manufactured in Madrid Spain, is unusual for training. The typical 12 gauge 2 ½ inch round sells for approximately 25 cents each, which the RSL12 runs about 70 cents apiece. This is a financial overkill when you think about a simple breaching round would cost somewhere in the middle.

The other RIO round, the Royal Buckshot, runs approximately 50 cents a round.  It is clear the US Government does not understand the need to go on a financial diet.

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s Acquisition and Grants Office has requested .40 caliber – ostensibly for their security forces to protect NOAA personnel from themselves.  You may recall last year’s debacle when the National Weather Service, within NOAA, requested 40,000 rounds. That solicitation was cancelled on 14 August 2012.

But have no fear.  NOAA isn’t requesting a mere 40,000 rounds. This year, it’s 56,000 rounds of jacketed hollow point .40 cal.

No sense in stirring up the masses. This contract was awarded today to A2Z Corporation (again?) to the tune of $25,276. No cancellation and the Weathermen get their ammo.


Award Date Agency Solicitation Number Ammunition type Quantity Award total
17-Jul-13 Bureau of Prison MN110043 .308 Boat tail 168 Grain 30,000 $23,300
24-Jul-13 Bureau of Indian Affairs 40095976 .40 Speer Gold Tod GDHP 165 Grain 10,000 $8,503
5.56 NATO Hornady 8125N 62 grain 4,000
RSL12 Star Slub 1 oz 500
12 Gauge RIO Royal Buckshot 00, 2 2/4 500
24-Jul-13 NOAA 13-03284 .40 JHP 180 Grain 56,000 $25,276
.40 Frangible lead free 16,000
24-Jul-13 Bureau of Prisons MN110118 9 mm Luger 115 JHP 170,000 $40,273
Not yet awarded Bureau of Prisons RFQP0318100131 9 mm Luger 115 JHP 25,000
 Not yet awarded Bureau of Prisons RFQP06161300022 9 mm 115 Grain JHP 60,000
.223 Remington FMJ Ball 60,000
9 mm 115 FMJ 120,000
Total awarded / requested rounds 552,000
Total contract amounts  $97,352

What does this tell the average person?

Ammunition prices MAY reflect an increase. It may not. Just be aware of the current prices. If you have the opportunity to stock up, then do so. The Government fails to understand that they lead by example. If they stock up on ammunition, you should.

Regardless what the future holds just remember to prep like your life depends on it. Because it does.


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