Survival Friday: Diabetes and Survival
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Survival Friday: Diabetes and Survival

Survival Friday: Diabetes and Survival
Logo for the World Diabetes Day

Logo for the World Diabetes Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Gaye Levy

27th September 2013

When it comes to dealing with medical issues in a survival situation, one of the most frequent questions I get has to do with treating diabetes when drugs are no longer widely available. Since I am not a medical or a healthcare professional, I have always had to beg off answering, because I simply do not have the knowledge to address this topic with any degree of credibility.  Because of this, I was delighted to see  the issue of diabetes in a survival situation finally addressed by an experienced physician who is well versed in emergency and medical preparedness.

Doctor Joe Alton, who is also known as Dr. Bones, has written a series of articles that not only describe diabetes and its causes and symptoms, but also shares some steps you can take now to prevent getting this affliction in the first place.

Survival Friday: Diabetes and Survival   Backdoor Survival

According to Joe:

Diabetes is the cause of death or a contributing factor in close to 100,000 deaths each year in the U.S. As many who have type 2 diabetes are unaware of it, there are likely huge numbers of “pre-diabetics” who may begin to have medical issues in the next decade.  This means that millions will be dependent on oral medications like Metformin or insulin injections to stay healthy.  In the event of a true disaster, this translates into big problems when the pharmaceuticals run out.

In my view, the prudent thing to do is take steps preventive steps to stay healthy now.  Clearly, preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes is one of those steps.  Dr. Bones suggest the following 9 things you can do now to prevent type 2 diabetes.

  1. Get to a normal weight
  2. Change your diet
  3. Get active
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Drink Alcohol in moderation
  6. Consume Cinnamon
  7. Drink Tea
  8. Intake Vitamin D and Calcium
  9. Eat Barley

Most of these suggestions are common sense lifestyle choices that can be adopted by just about anyone.  With Joe’s permission, today I share with you part 3 of his 4 part series on diabetes and survival.

via Survival Friday: Diabetes and Survival – Backdoor Survival.

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