The Covert Prepper Show 2 March 2013
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The Covert Prepper Show 2 March 2013

The Covert Prepper Show 2 March 2013

2 March 2013

Today’s show is a mish-mash of stuff.

To start with, you can now find The Covert Prepper Show only on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network.  If you want to catch shows from 2011-2012, please go to BlogTalkRadio and download them there.

Next up, Zombuary is here. And here is the video:

The gun is sweet! You can visit the drawing by clicking HERE


Sequestration is upon us. Fear and panic will be spreading. Don’t panic. Sit down with cuppa coffee and think about what your next move is going to be. Just don’t feed the fear, conquer it.

Fear leads to panic and bad decisions. That’s just where they want you.

And now, one of my all-time favorite hobbies – FISHING!!

For fishing, think about using the mechanical Yo-Yo’s. They are a true force multiplyer as one person can set all six within a matter of  a half hour. For each hour YOU spend fishing, it is equal to 1 person fishing for six hours, or six people fishing for an hour.

Use one of these to maximize your efforts!



Click on the link below for specifications. These cost less than 20 bucks.
6 Mechanical Fisher’s Yo Yo Fishing Reels -Package of 1/2 Dozen- Yoyo Fish Trap -(FLAT TRIGGER MODEL)

Until next week preppers!

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