The Latest Mass Shooting, PTSD & the 2nd Amendment
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The Latest Mass Shooting, PTSD & the 2nd Amendment

The Latest Mass Shooting, PTSD & the 2nd Amendment

Occupy Corporatism

September 18, 2013


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The Newtown Action Alliance (NAA) travelled to Capitol Hill to speak to Congress on the heels of the latest false flag shooting to demand that the federal government regulate the 2nd Amendment into oblivion.

David Ackert, founder of the Hearst Connecticut Media Group (HCMG) asserts that “this is really . . . all about our broken political system.”

One question floating about mainstream media (MSM) is the correlation between suicide and the 2nd Amendment.

Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health claim that where gun ownership is highest, the number of gun-related suicides is 4 times as high.

Matthew Miller, lead author of the study explained : “The role of guns in suicides is analogous to the chances of a rural crash at high speed being more deadly than a fender bender on a city side street. Plainly, those who attempt suicide as a plea for help are more likely to survive and overcome their despondency when guns aren’t around to settle the issue. It’s another reason to be concerned about the rise of the gun culture, and diligent in background checks of those seeking to obtain guns. All those gun-control critics who insist that criminals will always find a way to get illegal weapons, while law-abiding citizens will be forced to undergo checks, should ponder how many mental patients and others in the grips of depression would be spared an early death if forced to undergo checks at gun shows or shops.”

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