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The Prepared Pet

"Saving the Animals Through Central Care and Rescue"
Lauren Contino, Andrea Nicolelli & James Peterson

What is central care and why is it the most critical part of your emergency and disaster plan for your pets and livestock? What are the two factors that can cripple any chance of your pet's survival in an emergency?
Each week, these subjects along with solid and relevant aspects of emergency and disaster preparedness for your pets and livestock will both answer and resolve the one burning question in the mind of your pet. Will you forget me?
We hope you don't. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge with Ms. Lauren Contino (Founder of Save the Animals Save the World), Ms. Andrea Nicolelli (Founder of The Durham Touch and Dofoogies Central Pet Care) and Mr. James Peterson (Founder of Lazarus Edge Pit Bull Rescue). We look forward to the day no animal is left behind.

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