The Survival Mindset
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The Survival Mindset

Many times our own self-imposed limits pose a limit on our way of thinking beyond boundaries.

The Survival Mindset

By John Milandred

Thinking out the box at times when our natural penchant is to take things in the traditional sense is hard. Being human beings, all of us have an inclination to follow usual thinking in many of our deeds. Once we adopt a particular lifestyle and start to follow a regular pattern, we indirectly put a halt to our creativity and our ability to be inventive. Moreover, it will be difficult to improvise a solution to our problems.layout-of-survival-plans

What are the finest mental outlines of thinking for surviving tough times? This issue can be looked in a variety of ways. How can you learn to think differently? It’s not as hard as it appears. You just have to change your perception in order to observe things in a less usual manner.

For most people, survival is just to have a pack full of tools, food and water that would let them arrange for fire, drink water, consume food and make a refuge in the wilds or in a disaster crises sector. I am sorry, but they are mistaken. There are several cases in which most people have survived for long without any equipment, tools, food or water, and many other cases where others had died even with all the right tools and survival needs. Obviously there was something that made the difference.

It is the nature, sentiment, qualities, ways of thinking, and approach of viewing the world and life. All these have more to do in deciding how well people tackle misfortune than any type of gear, tools or survival needs.

Although it is good to have a survival kit, tools and survival needs, but, most survival  training and writings consider “the brain” as the most essential and powerful human element in this concept. That’s why what is most vital aspects here are learning about the core, the willpower to live and the survival mindset of survivors. You can also develop these influential mind tools of survival at this moment.

You just require a little time, and purposeful practice to adopt these practices. However, as per a new research, if we alter our daily routines even a bit, we do incorporate change. This also shifts the chemical makeup of the brain. To make the maximum use of these powerful mind transitions, you have to employ in learning long before you actually get stuck in a situation when you need it.

Most of us have cocooned ourselves by a “comfort zone”. A comfort in our way of thinking and the result of which is a point view of seeing things as normal. However, with a little practice and thinking, this comfort zone can be expanded and moved out of the box. Many times our own self-imposed limits pose a limit on our way of thinking beyond boundaries.

Come out of your Comfort Zone. With Every new challenge coming in your way, you give your brain a chance to become more flexible. Take responsibilities that require no or least thinking and try to re-discover them so that you are forced to think. Make sure to keep on repeating this. Survival is not just confined to having equipped and training. It’s more about what is within your survival thinking and your emotional system. Get out from a low-risk environment as it dulls our skills. Always make efforts to study new things, to compel you to get out of comfort zones.

Search out the information. Make a habit of asking questions to those who have a systematic understanding of experience you want to learn more and more. Ask questions like “What are the possible mistakes that an average person can make while trying to find out more about this issue?” For every belief, you hold, also receive the advice of those who have the contrary opinion. Try to learn from a wide crowd of sources, and get a deeper understanding why these sources are holding such an opinion. Widen your social networks, and do not hold out your confidence that you recognize “what’s what.”

Know your material. You may find a little knowledge quite terrible. Make sure to pay attention to every bit of information from people whose are professionals, just since they are paid by agencies, companies, or governmental associations you refuse. Be open to everyone’s standpoint.

Believe that you will excel. Survivors assemble their possessions, rebuke themselves not to commit mistakes, implement meticulous care, and do their extremely best. With these beliefs, they are able to convince them that if they can do these tasks successfully, they will prevail. What is most required is to consolidate personalities and have a firm determination.

Do what is necessary. Make sure to have the will and the required skill. Survivors never hope to be released. They firmly believe in obtaining what they need and doing what they need to perform.” They make every possible attempt of doing things that seem “impossible,” while keeping in mind their abilities. Nothing is impossible is their firm belief and then act from that knowledge.

Surrender but never give up. The idea of giving up is at the top of the survival trip. The concept starts making sense when you realize your limitations. For example, if you get terrified, you find yourself in a hazardous or dire situation. Be afraid and you will have to lock yourself in the four walls. However, you have to forget about your fears in order to survive and deal with death. Death is the only truth of life. Even though, you don’t die one way or the other way, you will die in a normal and natural way. Once you surrender you will find yourself in a superior position to survive, to keep hold of that heart within you that will never allow you to give up.

Carry a Positive Attitude. According to researchers, individuals with a “survival mindset” i.e. those who are not disheartened by the challenges of life and who have a positive approach, and are daring enough to make or admit mistakes can learn and adjust quicker and more easily triumph over hindrances.


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