The Top 10 Ways The US Government Shutdown Will Affect You Today
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The Top 10 Ways The US Government Shutdown Will Affect You Today

The Top 10 Ways The US Government Shutdown Will Affect You Today

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jeff Berwick
Activist PostThe stroke of midnight has just passed and the US government has turned into a pumpkin.  Well, we wish.  In fact the US government like some eternal zombie continues to walk the Earth even without the souls of taxpayers upon which to feast.  And, even that isn’t totally true.  Like any zombie it still collects the blood of its victims (taxes) even while most of its zombie army (federal government employees) sit at home on a paid vacation… and most of their oppressive “services” continue on, like the CIA, NSA, ATF, DEA, Executive branch, police and more.

But just for our pleasure, let’s imagine that all government in the US really shut down … which it will in the coming years as the US dollar collapses.

Here, then, is our top 10 list of ways a theoretical shutdown of the US government would affect you in that event… and we include a few ways the current pseudo-shutdown will also affect you (hint: it’s better).

1. NO MORE TAXES! One of the things that has most shocked me in my life is hearing someone like Ron Paul, who ran for the last President of the US, saying, “Shut down the IRS” and most American sheeple actually thinking he is crazy!  Through decades of public school indoctrination and mainstream media propaganda slaves in the US actually think taxation is just a part of life!  Of course, one of the “founding fathers” of the US (which was actually just a political coup) is famous for saying, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain except for death and taxes”.  In reality, taxes aren’t a fact of life and are solely extortion.  Imagine how much your life would change if your government did shut down and you were free to spend your own money as you choose.

2. NO MORE DEMOCRACY!  If the US government were to truly shut down it would mean an end to the vile scourge of democracy which is purely mob rule and, at its core, anti-freedom.  To see the absurdity of democracy imagine if a restaurant were democratic.  Someone already has and you can see it here.

3. NO MORE REGULATION!  Imagine if a child could open a lemonade stand again in the US without being arrested!

4. NO MORE DRUG WAR!  All of a sudden all items could be freely tradeable (well, they already are… especially on Silk Road).  But without government prohibition all gangs in the US and the rest of the world would evaporate and just become real businesses with real recourse in disputes besides shootouts.  Crime would be reduced around the world by 70%+ and millions of non-violent people convicted of victimless crimes would be freed from dungeons (jail).  The biggest victim would be shows like Breaking Bad and The Wire which wouldn’t be necessary anymore.

5. NO MORE BORDERS!  Labor could finally go to where it is wanted and needed without being held hostage!  The economy could once again function normally without coercion and violence.  And, things like minimum wage would also fall by the wayside thus reducing the unemployment rate to at or near 0% into eternity.

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