Waterford, MI to Introduce 2nd Amendment Preservation Resolution
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Waterford, MI to Introduce 2nd Amendment Preservation Resolution

Waterford, MI to Introduce 2nd Amendment Preservation Resolution

By Dennis Marburger on October 15, 2013

Map of Michigan highlighting Oakland County

Map of Michigan highlighting Oakland County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Second Amendment Preservation fever continues to spread across Michigan. with Waterford Township the latest community looking to protect the gun rights of its citizens.

The township council will consider a Second Amendment Preservation resolution on Wednesday.

The natural rights to own property honestly and peacefully acquired, to self defense, and to prepare oneself for that defense according to one’s conscience are under relentless assault on a global basis. In America, the Second Amendment was written to prevent federal infringement of those rights.

Many states, such as Michigan, have strong protections against state and local attacks on these rights. Michigan’s 1963 Constitution states in Article 1, Section 6 that… “Every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state.” This strong, clear and concise language should guide everyone in the state as they contemplate what actions to take against the rising tide of federal encroachments.

Michigan Tenth Amendment Center‘s state chapter coordinator Shane Trejo was instrumental in getting the resolution introduced in Waterford Township. Trejo hopes to follow in the footsteps of patriotic activists like Doug Davis who helped get governments in the Northern Lower Peninsula to pass the Tenth Amendment Center’s Second Amendment Preservation Resolution. This is the first effort to get this resolution passed in Southeast Michigan. Resolutions such as these, while non-binding, are an important first-step in resisting federal tyranny.

“The 2nd Amendment Preservation Resolution has been utilized throughout Michigan, but this is our first attempt to spread this movement to the Metro Detroit area. With Detroit undergoing such tragic circumstances, it has become more important than ever to defend gun ownership rights with police no longer having the resources to react to calls promptly. It is simply irresponsible to leave people defenseless during dangerous times like these,” Trejo said.

Resolutions such as the Second Amendment Preservation Resolution are the first step in resisting the power-crazed elitists in Washington D.C. Non-cooperation with “officers of the union” when they take undelegated powers, governors protests and remonstrances, and Binding legislation / ordinances at the local and state level are the steps that grow out of resolutions and expressions of James Madison’s “disquietude.”

Once a resolution passes, citizens can use that momentum to take the next step – a binding ordinance forbidding cooperation by any city agency with federal acts that violate the Second Amendment.

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